Saturday, January 19, 2008

BenBen's Birthday

Hello dumboy if you bother to read my blog.

Ben is my younger brother whom I mention relatively less than Jo. But I love Ben more than Jo because Jo always bully Ben and Ben always cry.

And I love crying people.

I don't even know where to start on how we bully Ben. From how we made him wear dresses and make-up to how we made him jump down from the bedside table and got a permanent scar on his ass.

And we would always make him pose his gay face.
Ben can do all kinds of weird expression that will make you love him no matter how annoying he can be.

Ben's gay face

This is Ben's usual gay look.
He can also do very funny expressions for Missy Higgins song - Scar.

Me, Jo & Ben playing poker together -

Ben : You know my friend, a girl, got bit of moustache.

Jo : Like you, got bit of boobs.

So now dumboy is away studying in some dumbo boarding school in Singapore.


Huh? I mean YAY!

And thanks to the wonders of technology and dumb Jo reminder, I messaged him at approximately 1am, 18th January, wishing him Happy Birthday.

Me :
Hey dumboy! Happy 14th birthday! May you fai kou jiong dai, sang sang seng seng. Give you lots of presents when you get back. Love you lots, Jess.

Weirdly, my phone rang 30 seconds later.

Dumbo why you so late not sleeping__________~¤*the bus vs the taxi*¤~__________

Cis dumboy ini didn't say thank you and love you too some more call me dumbo...

I no school you got school. Why aren't YOU sleeping.and what's that stupid bus taxi thingy?

Cannot celebrate birthday meh?__________~¤*the bus vs the taxi*¤~__________

Me (the kiam siap queen) is thinking what the heck, every message is 20cents okay. Cis cis cis.

Eh, all your messages so short also cost 20cents dollar means 40cents ringgit, you not heartache one ar?

Ben replied -


In case you can't read thanks to the (not so wonder of) yucky camera phone, it says -

heartache. ._.

Oh ya. This stupid sign is still there
__________~¤*the bus vs the taxi*¤~__________

So being the nice sister I am, I didn't throw the phone out of the window and throw a fit waking mummy for snarky Ben. I still love my little idiotic Ben and was as nice as possible.

Me :
You stupiak punya boy. So you happy anot in Singapore?

Ben :
Why not happy? I so happy :) see I got smiley you don have. You not happy.

__________~¤*the bus vs the taxi*¤~__________

Me :
*throws phone out the window and vow to never message Ben again*

After about 3ringgit and 3 sing dollars of stupid messages like these, he finally said,

"Okay larh I go sleep.keep all the gossip girl episode. Yay Jess! Goodnight."

__________~¤*the bus vs the taxi*¤~__________

I take the " Yay Jess! " as a love you too.

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