Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Jess' Hair Evolution

Once upon a time, Jess looked like this -

Jess at 10

I look so mean and evil and Cina-ish.
Why my siblings look so cute and cuddly.

Why lar....

And then another 8 years later I grew out of my Cina look.

goody goody Jess

Soft and silky hair.
Makes me look so good.

And then came year 2007 where I vow not to cut my hair for a year!

Jess you damn cheapskate man....

And so my hair grew...


My hair look like the dayang dayang that serve rich people in the olden days in those cantonese drama.

Jess with spots

This was still the not too long, not too short period where it still looked presentable.

And I was going to strangle and pound Jo with my mighty fist for taking this pic with a mosquitoe bite on my face.

And came June -


Where I didn't have my lovely fringe anymore and it became a whole chunk of hair to be combed back like those nanny in the 70s.

And I had to wear a hairband in school.....

Jess with stick

A miner from Bangladesh who freed herself with this stick after being trapped in the mine for 50hours.

All hail the stick......

Then came September where my hair didn't look presentable anymore.

Ini bukan Jess ya...

There's hair poking out at weird places.

And stop asking why is my eye one big one small lar..

I'm born like that.
People say right, people with different sizes of eyes are very smart.

The sadest thing in the world is, this picture is widely distributed printed in my school magazine.

Shiny the pig never give my face and say my hair is like a piece of cloth stuck to my head.

So I broke my vow and cut my hair in December.

And I know you guys are dying to see my hot hair.
So I took many, many pictures with various themes.


*deep in thoughts* How to stop global warming?


Bah... Stop pretending lar...

You were only thinking of how can your boobs grow bigger.


Oh no! I have a double chin!


Single & Desperate Ad. Call 1800-iamdesperatetoo


This is bored. I'm actually in my pajamas.


I'm Amber Chia's cousin. Amber Loke.


This is my i'm-too-pretty-i-dont-need-to-smile-face




I'm the old witch from Snow White.


Ken style of "talk to the hand!"

I really need to get a job and get a life.


jessieloi said...


Go contribute to the society or something!

jessieloi said...


Go contribute to the society or something!

Anonymous said...

giler.. memang giler... muahahahaha...

joanne said...

eh jess. your pics are nice only because you took them with my laptop

EMO+NO LUCK said...

haha, i love this post xp

kai tzin said...

wtf amber loke....LOL...i laughed until i fell off the chair wtf.

u still d ah loke i used to know. hahahhahha, and i always remember how we teased "chen zhi hao".

evil evil. XD

Running with Scalpels said...

totally random, but omg i have that same OTH poster.. haha. cute hairdo. yay on the ixnay on the hairband!

joie.de.vivre~jess said...

I AM contributing to society by blogging! hahahahaha

you again ar?
dunno what to reply to u already,every post also u give the same comment...

*reality check* only pretty people take pretty pictures *flips hair*

jude lau:
hahaha.by far this is one of the vain-est post i've done.

kai tzin:
eh my lips more cantik than amber chia's okay?!
i miss teasing 'chen zhi hao' lar..we should call nikki and meet up with him one day!

haha.i LOVE oth. check out my justin timberlake poster lar.that one hotter!