Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Jess is 20 !!!


I'm like DUA PULUH in year 2008 you know!

I've walked the hostile land of earth for TWENTY YEARS!

Wo yi jing you yue jing ER SHI NIAN le!

(I already have my period for 20 years!)

Jess! LAME!

In year 2008, Jess vow to grow mentally, shrink physically and stay pretty.

2007 has been a good year.
God has been great to me to bless me with close bonds with family and friends.

Mission 2008

1. grow bigger boobs
2. grow taller
anything is possible all of you shut up
3. grow hotter

It all pours towards the reaching the goal of my very final mission -

4. find a hot, rich guy and be a gold-digger

To prove like I'm like not a bimbo you know, I like wanna add like number 5

5. grow bigger brains

Anyways, I saw that Keith left Maria a message to stop bawling over her humps.

This reminds me of a horrible, horrible lame with a capital L joke Pn D told.

Pn D :
There are 2 kinds of camel.
One with two humps and another kind with one.
Do you know what kind is without any?

Class :
*Possibly dozing off...*

Pn D :
It's a horse! *laughs hysterically*

Class :
*What have we done to deserve this......*


This is my new job for 2008 - a match-making aunty.

Keith you probably already know what Maria Shamini,16 looks like -

Maria, I know you're infatuated with our bus driver. But, you know deeply that it's never gonna work out, nor with Encik Mustafa.

So meet Keith Tay,16 -

Oh ya I forgot Keith has a girlfriend.

Happy New Year by the way.


jessieloi said...

mission 1,2,3,5 ... not possible in a gazillion years.
hahaha. possible for me though. hahha.

EMO+NO LUCK said...

erm... jess?
I thought you are 20...
So you're period-ing for 20 years already...
Wow, baby period pad xP said...

Who said not possible huh???? Wait wait wait. Eh. Stop acting all hot and happy. I might get too jealous and push u down the stairs and make it look like an accident.

Yes I'm 20.
I've been period-ing for 20.
My genetic type was born WITH the period.
We didn't need baby period pad.
We just use the diapers.
omg damn gross.........

EMO+NO LUCK said...

damn its gross said...

i saw the mind map with INFINITY sign.