Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jess IS Hot!

It's January 29th people.
How have your new year resolutions been going?

I wanted to choose real easy ones this year you know, like give you enough confidence so you can do better next year.
Just like increasing your daily exercise except it's yearly.

My goal this year is to do a handstand!
And the really cool thing you know Bruce Lee can do when you fall on your back you can just twist your body and bounce back up like Jackie Chan!

Damn cool right?
You fall down as Bruce Lee and bounce back up as Jackie Chan!

Once upon a time I tried to do a handstand, that time I think I damn fat lar, cuz once I turn my body upside down, I totally crash face first to the floor because my puny arms can't support my mountainous, mammoth, monstrous butt.

Handstand stickman!

And at that time I was only 12 you know!
Imagine if size of butt proportional with age, how can I do a handstand now?

I remember my body sprawled lifeless across the cold, hard marble floor at home, thinking "Jessica, Jessica, Jessica, what more brain-damaged can you get?!"

My maid came, then said
"Jess! Apa lu buat! Saya baru cuci lantai! Jangan berdarah merata-rata!"

No wonder Jess is now like that hor?

Aiyoh not true lar...
Truth is I just lied there on the floor and eventually fell asleep.
Then my maid had to drag me back to my room.

Anyway you must be wondering what all this stupid stories has to do with the title "Jess IS hot!" right.

Valentines day is coming...



EMO+NO LUCK said...


[ ≈Já§MíÑ≈ ] said...

Muahahaha... You're hilarious Jess!!! XD

joie.de.vivre~jess said...

just joking joking joking...
*damn serious in heart*

I take it as a compliment lar.
Most of the time its just too lame.