Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jess & Jo & Rich People

There would always be a point of your life when you vow to become rich and successful and own so much money that the bank you deposited your money would literally overflow and burst into pieces of gold because of your deposit and growing interest.

What the heck are you talking bout lar Jess.....

When Jess was 10 years old, yes, when I looked all mean and Cina-ish, she wanted to have a gigantic mansion on top of her man-made hill overlooking luscious greens and Oprah Winfrey's house.

2am somewhere 1998

Me : I'm going to have a restaurants in my house as well.

Jo : But it's so big! How about Mummy & Pappy?

Me : Of course they want to stay with me in my big mansion.

Jo : But they so old already. Can't walk too much like popo.

Me : I'll get them wheelchairs to move around the house.

What a filial daughter I was, and still am.

So my story today is somewhat boring but you are welcome to finish reading and worship Jess for her greatness and lame jokes being the loyal reader you are.


So Saturday night, I had to attend this event with my mum being the filial daughter I AM. It's some gathering for the housing area I live in which are filled with filthy rich people (me not included) who stays in houses-so-big-with-family-so-small-and-cars-more-than-people-with-number-plates-8888.

Thank goodness Jo is back from Malacca so we could go together and scrutinize all the rich people, stuff our face with food then walk back home.

Preparing to go -

Me: Crap. I hate these things.

Jo: Mummy ask to wear something colourful like rainbow-ish.

Me: I'm just gonna wear white t-shirt and jeans okay.

Jo: But mummy say wear colourful!

Me: White IS a combination of ALL colours.

While walking there -

*3 boys walking back to their house*

Jo: Siapa tu?
*apparently Jo became Indon-ish since studying in Malacca*

Me: Should be the Korean boys.

Jo: HEY YOU! Why go home so fast?!

*takes GIGANTIC steps away from Jo*

Then we were at the thing, had to greet all my mum's friends. SO typical.

Auntie A :
Wah... I nearly cannot recognise you, so pretty already!

Auntie B :
So pretty your daughter, got boyfriend already?

Auntie C :
Eh come come meet my son, young people should mingle together!

*wtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtf going through my mind*

Next, there was this LONG line at the buffet counter.

Me: OMG. Look who's in front of us!

OMGOMG. It's the Korean boys.
HEY YOU! You went home to use the toilet and came back out to grab more food is it?!

*uses both hands to hide my face*

Half-way eating -

Mum: Hey you two, I'm signing you both up for the treasure hunt.


So there I was, on a Saturday night, with Jo and 2 neighbor kids, being 20 years old, treasure hunting in the dark with 12 year olds, did I mention a Saturday night? Running aimlessly, looking for a clue that says look for a tall guy with specs and say peech.

Jess' life didn't have the ability to get anymore interesting....

And for the record, I didn't win.



EMO+NO LUCK said...

What an fking day...

'And for the record, I didn't win.'


joie.de.vivre~jess said...

so sad.
mention it some more i will cry.