Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jess Wants Money

Lots of it.
Not monopoly money please.

Anyways this is a (yet another) very stupid crappy post all in the name of money.

Jess is selling STPM books - BioChem stream
includes -

i) Bio notes from St Michael Ipoh
(3rd/4th hand)(rare collection u know)

ii) Bio notes from SMK Abdul Samad Pn something very good one lar

iii) Bio text - pelangi
(filled with post it notes from 4As STPM student)(not me)

iv) Chem text - Tan Yin Toon

v) Chem text - Longman
(touched more than 10 times less than 20)

vi) PA text - red colour one dunno what lar

vii) PA text - blue colour
(never touch before also)

viii) Some A-level biochem books

iv) Dan sebagainya

Price range around 150.
Definitely negotiable.
All my tuition notes I can give for free lar, that is if you buy my books cuz' it's collecting dust in my room and I'm unhealthy enough as it is.

Tuition Jess goes to -

Bio - Kasturi USJ - Mr Lingam
Chem - USJ - Teacher from St John
PA - Yakin, Petaling Street KL/New branch in Puchong - Mr Goh
Math T - USJ - Teacher from SMK Abdul Samad

And because I'm looking for extra income -
(A poor STPM student saving up for her Tertiary education)
I'm willing to babysit/tutor children in primary/secondary school in the Kota Kemuning or Subang USJ area.

My cousin pig carol or more fondly known as babi carol is also giving private bio tuition.
Somehow the term "Private Bio Tuition" sounds so naughty.


Spread the news and pay Jess well if you want her to get a good Tertiary education so she can earn more money later in life.

If you need babi carol's contact you can (pretend to) ask me or you can cut the nonsense and just click on her blog link and ask me out on a date.

Please email

Don't send me forward mails which opens and says

" I'm sorry but YOU ARE CURSED!"

Alah... Why me of all the 6 billion people in the world..

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