Monday, February 11, 2008

Jess Being Rich & Fat

Jess is currently on her amazing Chinese New Year holiday, enjoying mountains of ultra-fattening cookies together with stacks and stacks of ang paos.

Ahh.... The bliss of Chinese New Year....

Soon it will be Valentines' Day,
more celebration,
more food,
more money.

more coke.

The happiness bar in Jess is filled to the brim especially when she drinks coke.

There is something so magical about coke.
It's the happiest drink in the world.

It's like m&ms,
it *poof* in your mouth.

I love coke...... *drools*

When Jess was younger, she really hates Chinese New Year because she doesn't enjoy going back to kampung. However, she found solace in the unending supply of coke in the kampung fridge. She holds a record of 9 cans of soft drinks consumed in a day. Jess once wished that people gave coke to each other instead of ang paos. Jess was only 8 and didn't know better. For now if anyone tries giving Jess coke instead of ang pao for Chinese New Year, she will throw the can of coke to their head and let them bleed to death.

Anyone inviting me to their open house?
I'm waiting......

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