Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jess Hearts Pappy

Pappy has been away for 1 week now, Jess misses him immensely.

Jess brings narcisism to a whole new level, during her free time, she enjoys google-ing her name. And this happen more frequently nowadays when she's in the office.

Long story short.
I steal yet another post from Jo the mojo jojo.

I once had an ambition to be a writer.
Like seriously, write children stories of Cinderella who harbours an ambition to be America's Next Top Model.

Can you imagine when she's doing the cat walk her clothes suddenly *poof* into rags??!?!


Jess you're so not funny...


The Masterpiece of an 8 year old

The Three Little Lazy Son

Once upon a time, a farmer and his three son live in a little village near the forest. These three son is very very lazy. The first one like to eat, the second one like to lay down to sing, the third one only sleep and sleep and sleep.

One day their father call out: "can you three come here and help me?" ask the farmer, but the three kids pretend not to hear.

When the farmer was old, he sick, and die. Before he die, he told the son that he had keep his treasure and gold under the ground and ask them to find, so the tree son also alpologize to the farmer. then the farmer die.

From now on, the three little boy started to work, they work and work until they find the gold and sell some of the gold too.

So now they are so rich that the first one buy a new house, the second one buy a car, and most of all the third one buy a very very big cake to celebrate their happyest day!

This story is teling us to work hard, so that you will earn lots of money as reward.

I hope these three son had learn a lesson! ha! ha!

fairly good construction but there is still a lot of room for improvement

Pa 3/9/98

i even drew a picture

how to changgul (cangkul) with both the hands holding on to the same spot?

use this one

Eh indon Jo, we wrote this story TOGETHER remember???

But YOU ALONE drew the picture.

Pappy ask you to use this one....ahahahahahaha

I wonder where is that masterpiece now.....


EMO+NO LUCK said...

WTF? i love the essay, haha said...

eh its a beautiful essay written by 8 AND 10 year olds okay. some more the story got moral value wtf