Sunday, February 03, 2008

Jess Is Pau Now

Jess' hopes for a knight in shining amour sliding down a rainbow and riding a unicorn is crushed.

Lately, Jess developed some sort of rash on her ears, which was pretty bad and left her ears swollen and red-ish like red ink.

It was so swollen that people asked whether I was related to Dobby.

Dobby is Sad

Dobby look so sad.
It's like he's saying,
"Although my ears are so big, no one can hear me."
"Thus, I gotta write it on my shirt."

I always knew Dobby had like a crush on Harry Potter.

Anyways, Jess was deeply afraid that the rash on her ears become worse, that her ears just might turn black and fall off.

Seriously it was so itchy if dont fall off also I might scratch til' my ears run away.

So, she went to a doctor.
The doctor said it's just an infection, nothing to worry about, no need to cello tape your ears to your head like that.

Jess started to take her course of antibiotics, swelling, itching tablets and cream.

The next day,


She woke up with even more rash!
This time all over all body and limbs!

OH NO............
But Jess shrugged the matter off. Thinking it will heal by itself later.


The next day,


Jess became PAU FACE!

Pau Pau Jess

Truth turned out to be that I was allergic to the medicine prescribed earlier. And the more the rash grew, the more my mum forced me to take my meds, and then the rash grew EVEN MORE, and then my mum FORCE EVEN HARDER to apply cream and medicine, and then the rash grew EVEN EVEN EVEN MORE.....

Apparently, the rash gotten so bad, it swell my face up 10 times the size it used to be. There is no better metaphor than comparing my face to a char siew pau.

I tell you.
Life is so not funny.

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