Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jess Rocks Your Socks!

Okay. So I ran out of ideas for a new title of a new post.

So Chinese New Year is coming to an end, collected enough ang paos yet?

I have a couple of ideas on how to collect ang pao when married people try avoiding giving it to you.

3. Pass them an empty ang pao packet then wink non-stop at them.

At their point of view, they can either bring you to the eye hospital or just give you money.

I'm sure they will choose the latter.

2. Keep following them around and say, "I'm still single and available."

Being too afraid that you might jump on them any moment like a kangaroo and try making out, they will throw you an ang pao and terrifiedly exclaim, " I'M MARRIED! I'M MARRIED!"

1. Who am I kidding I've ran out of ideas....

Jess is currently rocking out to Natasha's Bedingfield - I wanna have your babies thanks to Ken who re-introduced it that day after blaming her for flushing their baby down the toilet. And that happened after everyone cleaned up his period which seriously stained Sam's floor.

Actually I really like the song the last time I heard it, I wonder why the song didn't hit the top 10. It has a nice, playful tone. But honestly, I'm also scared when I listen to it at home, later my mummy thinks I wanna get pregnant how??!?

Like I quote Jie Huei's boyfriend, "If you start singing this song to me I'll run away man!"

No girls dare listen to this song in front of their boyfriends and no guys would too cuz' people might think they have a uterus.

No wonder it didn't hit the top 10 lor....

The cutest couple ever!

Not to forget the bitchy-est couple ever!

Ken how could you forget to post our picture larger than Jie Huei & Shaun's???!!!
Have you lost your sense of narcisism???

And recently we celebrate the unifying of my pig cousin and clueless friend.

Took me so long to photoshop this, it better be in your wedding album.

I'm not sure how far along are they but they are already calling each other honey and pooh bear and tigger stuff like that plus listening to love songs like 'All over again' by Ronan Keating ft Rita Guerra.

You never know, next they will listen to 'I wanna have your babies'!

Jess is so anti-romantic..
She's just gonna go stone now. Kthxbai.

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