Friday, February 29, 2008

Jess With Emoness

If I was given a penny every time my parents burnt dinner,
I'd have enough to buy new parents...

Yesterday I read something written by Jo that reminded me how much fun we all used to have when we were kids.
We wrote stupid stories (like what you've read), we created our own stupid games, we dance to our stupid songs, we drew stupid little comics.

We were stupid but we were happy being stupid.

If Ben and Jo were home now, Ben would be lying on his bed procrastinating on his homework which is right beside his head while Jo would be busy snipping and clipping some stupid art-ish stuff and I'd be running into their room every 10 minutes bugging them to play Cluedo or Monopoly or any other boring board games.

While playing our silly games, we would discuss about everything under the sky. We gossip about what we think about our cousin's new girlfriend, discuss which actress (or actor) boobs are big and ugly, act out snippets of shows we just seen.

We'd tease Ben about his crush, he'd pretend not to hear us.

Ben would then attempt changing the topic by make snarky and disgusting comments like how if you pop your pimple milk will come out followed by blood.

Jo will shriek in laughter like a hyena.

I would sit there and act normal as if they came from Mars and not from mummy's womb.

When we get bored of the game or when someone is winning everything we would scamper downstairs and turn the kitchen upside down searching for snacks. We'd create a big mess with my maid standing beside pleading "Eh, jangan jangan!" "Tak boleh! Tak boleh!"

I think the only thought in her brain is -

T T.. Saya tak perlu tidur dah malam ni....

We'd happily gobbled up whatever garbage we made (and maybe anticipate diarrhea the next day), run back to the bedroom, then Ben would announce "Let's stay up all night!". Of course 5 minutes after he says that, he would be 60% asleep mumbling "I'm only resting my eyes..." and another 5 minutes he would be releasing bio-gas in his sleep.

I really miss all that now.


aKIdos said...

Hi Jo's sister ... She introduced me this blog and currently i am having crush on u : ) after reading thru all the posts.

Have a nice day !

-aKidos- said...

half my posts are stolen from jo's blog lar.ur having a crush on her!! go find her in malacca!!!

ps.nama saya jess lar!

=) have a nice day too!