Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Breaking News!

Don't you think the term BREAKING NEWS is so funny?
the news is BREAKING!!!

March 11th, Subang Jaya
- Flash floods and thunderstorm has crashed Klang Valley as soon as STPM results were released at noon. Local bomohs have concluded that the cause of the heavy downpour indeed is God crying a river.

Many cars were stuck in highways and roads which have not been well taken care of by MPSJ with the numerous number of potholes even though MPSJ is known as the biggest money sucker in Malaysia.

MPSJ currently ranks number 1 in the money sucking ranks which is followed (very) closely by Samy Vellu's toll gates (but not anymore since Sg. Siput kicked his sorry toupee behind).

Credit goes to a blog name "Flat Earth" for this uber cute shot of Samy

A sighting of a tornado is also reported at Subang Jaya which again local bomohs concluded God has caught the avian-flu. "The tornado came so quickly like WHOOSH!!, I didn't even have the time to look at my results slip!", said Jessica Loke, 20 who happened to be the hottest girl on earth who also happened to be me (thank you thank you).

The 20 year-old's STPM results slip was later found with Dorothy and Toto who are currently hunting down a robber who stripped Dorothy of her Ruby Red Slippers last seen on this cow.

Kindly contact Dorothy by clicking the heel of your shoes 3 times if you've seen this cow.

Yes it's true.
Dorothy and Toto refused to return my slip, together with Tin Man, Lion King and Narnia's White Bitch, they are venturing into BURSA Malaysia using my slip as forecast for the stock market.


aKidos said...

wow ... at first i thought the samy velly photo was photoshopped ! Awesome story hottest girl on eart !!

Anyway we are going to langkawi, do u wish to join us - we could use ur help to ask bomoh give us free rooms and free buffet !

Where are u planning to go next ? Hoping for IPTA ? said...

hey the pic IS photoshopped if im not mistaken.
hahahaha you're with Jo club trip to Langkawi.I'm working but thanks for the invite.hahaha

i'm planning to go to the states if possible. Pray for me!