Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Emoness In Jess' Life

I haven't blog in a long time.
One week.
Got 7 days.

I've been emo like that since the devastation of my STPM results.

*ring ring*

Hold on.


It's my period.

heh heh heh
false alarm...

I wasn't sad cuz' of my STPM results, it's just PMS.


Anonymous said...

PMS ya right it is.Updates!!! I'm waiting for all your funnny posts :)
I'm an avid reader of ur blog :)

Don't give up ya.

I have faith in you even though i don't know how devastated you are at your results :)

joie.de.vivre~jess said...

wow.my first fan supportive msg.
*touched touched*
i'm also waiting for all my funny posts.no worries its coming its coming.

jessLoke where got give up before one???
*touch wood vigorously*

thanks again.means a lot.