Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Jess Declares Job Hating Day!

On the beautifully historical day of 4th March 2008,
Jess (self-declared) Job Hating Day!

If you hate your job too, please dial '1800-i-desperately-need-to-learn-how-to-make-karipap-because-i-rather-stand-under-the-scorching-sun-selling-30sen-kuih-to-indon/bangladesh-labour-workers-than-doing-my-job.

Free gifts for the first 20 callers...


BIG sigh...
I've sighed audibly like more than 10times in the office and people are taking notice.

Maybe it's the absence of caffein because I'm trying to fast from coffee for at least a week to show Jesus how much I love Him.

My coffee...... T T

So my brain attempt to motivate herself (my brain is a woman, wonder woman! wtf),

"Jess Jess! Coffee is just a chemical! You are much stronger than that! C'mon! Do 10 jumping jacks and you will feel the adrenaline! GO GO GO!"

*limply wave arms 10 times like an fat butterfly ostrich wanting to fly*

"You feel it now?! You feel wonderful endorphine gushing through your veins???"

*colleague sitting beside pretend not to stare and stealthily slides chair further away from butterfly Jess*

"Feeling good? See! You don't need coffee!"
"So tell me now, what would you choose to bring on a deserted island? Your latte? Or your bible?"

*remain emotionless*

"See! Coffee will finish! When it's finish then it's gone! Forever! But if you bring your bible, forever also you won't be able to finish it!"

*pupils dilate, heart beats 9999times faster*

*colleague quickly picks up phone and dials 999 for ambulance but pauses then dials 1800-tanjung-rambutan instead.*


Only people with deep wisdom will understand this story.
In other words.
The moral of the story is, never listen to Jess' story because it never makes any sense.

On a more serious tone,

*fuiyoh! Jess is serious! Quickly go buy 4D!*

I know (most of the time) the first thing that comes to mind when everyone looks for a university course (which will determine your job options for the rest of your life) - its prospects, whether can become a millionaire by doing it or not.

But honestly, give it some more serious consideration.

Perhaps try looking down the road 20 years from now, what do you really want to see yourself doing.

What can ultimately give you satisfaction in life?

I bet if you love what you are doing, the money no longer matters.
Or maybe you're thinking that if you have alot alot alot of money, what you do doesn't matter.

But c'mon, do you hate your life so much to waste it away doing something you loathe?

Your life can be bigger than your paycheck if you want it to be.

After all,
you don't wanna end up like this -


aKIdos said...

I shall remember this day !! I shall recommend the coming government to make this day as a public holiday !

Anyway what happened to assignment hating day , early in the morning classes hating day ... ppl already come out with that ?

p/s - Jo's crazy !!!

joie.de.vivre~jess said...

yesh yesh yesh!
go run for BN/DAP/PAS/KEADILAN!!
fight for job hating day!!!

once i start uni i wil initiate assignment hating day, lecturer hating day, burn down your uni day....patience patience....

p/s now only u know ar

Anonymous said...

I think if u do love ur job, you'll be passionate about it and work harder. Therefore, the money will flow in automaically :)