Friday, March 21, 2008

Nothing To Talk About

And because I wanna talk about 'Nothing to talk about',
I then have 'Something to talk about'!

Is that brilliant or what?

Real Hot Jess : What do you talk about when you have nothing to talk about?

Imaginary Equally Hot Jess : Err... The weather?

Real Hot Jess :
Wrong! It's a trick question! There is NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT!

Are you getting what this post is gonna be all about?
I order you to stop reading now or you are the most sial person on earth.

By the way how to explain what sial is in English?

I'm wearing a red polo with jeans at work. It's casual Friday!

It's red polo because my company is named Red something.
I can't tell you the name because I have to look out for my safety and paycheck.

My boss is so capable she can slit my throat with my paycheck.

Speaking of PMS my boss has it everyday.
Anyone got remedies for PMS?

Not for cramps, I only need a remedy for my boss' violent swings of mood.

And it's not Pre-Menstrual, it's Post-Menstrual.

Like when no more blood drips out...
Dried out......

And I'm wondering why the heck are you still reading all this crap???


Anonymous said...

harloe, my crush .... definition for sial - if it was me, i might describe it as unfortunate .

Anyway - i was just curious what u were writing about. Ur viral marketing really hard to resist.

For ur uni, not planning to come mmu ? u can become ur little demonic sister's flying monkey ...

have a nice day ...

-akidos- said...

hi crusher, sial means unfortunate ar. i thought sial was something like suay wtf
hahaha viral marketing? dont joke lar.p&c.
if i cant get the course im interested in at local U then who knows i might study with Jo the coming semester.hahahaha