Saturday, March 29, 2008

So It's A Saturday Night Again..

Prada :
Hmm... How else should I torture my employees...
Make them come back on a Saturday night for dinner in the company!

So it's actually my company's 25th anniversary annual dinner tonight.

True story (Embarrassment of the week)
- JessLoke went to the company and found no one there and went home.

I have no idea what time it starts, what time it ends.

What should I do lar...crap crap crap

The only number I save in my phone is Prada's number......

I decide
I shall drive back there after I finish this post.

Heh. Heh. Heh.
You thought I was gonna call her meh.

I know Jo blogged about this, but I'm gonna blog about it anyways.

What do you call this?

Say is with me kids,
C-L-E-A-V-A-G-E. Cleavage.
Other than that, Chinese love to call it longkang or monsoon drain while the indians call it SVB which stands for Samy Vellu's Boobies.
Other than that, kiddies, you are welcome to always refer to that as "ham sap".

However, that day while I was watching tv with Jo -

Jo : Wow. Check out her boob crack!

Me : Huh? wtf?

Jo's theory :

This is butt crack!

So according to Jo, since that is a butt crack then cleavage MUST BE BOOB CRACK!

And this must be a BOOB/BUTT CRACK PLANT!

I found this pic when I googled butt crack.

Someone even commented :
LMAO>>>>that is too funny..wish my butt was that firm

This pic not funny also. Cheh. Why people so easily amused one.

10 mins later while Jo & I still watching tv -

*advertisement of 10000BC the movie*

Jo : *excited, exclaimed!!!* WOW.... 10000 BOOB CRACK!! hahahahahahaha

JessLoke shall now denounce all ties with Jo.
And it's time to go meet Prada on a Saturday night. Boohoo.


EMO+NO LUCK said...

Anyway, if she's Prada, then who are you?

Anonymous said...

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hahaha.she's prada then im the cute pretty new Emily. hahaha

barb michelen:

SJ said...

OMG EMIL....Y....

Nice to meet you eh? haha, its just a spam, dun heed it