Monday, March 10, 2008

Wise Words With Mr. Loke & Friends

Mr. Loke enjoys using his great wisdom to educate his children in order to give them an edge in this competitive world.

*Mr. Loke walks into the room and finds Jo playing Dota and screaming like a 3 year old*

Paps : Stop playing this game! It's for standard 3 children!

Jo :
*ignores Mr. Loke* *autocast hero (????wtf don't ask me what it means)*

Paps : How are you going to be a lawyer playing this??

Jo : *annoyed* *autocast autocast autocast*

Ben : Why you autocast??!!?! Don't autocast!!!

Jo : *seriously annoyed* Aiyaaaaaaaa.... GO AWAY LAR!!

Paps : And don't do this!

Jo : DO WHAT!?!?!

Paps : This la! Don't autocast!

*Mr. Loke lying down on my bedroom floor and admires my favourite piece of art in the room*

Paps : I think this is still the most beautiful painting you have done.

Jess : *flips hair* I know right!

Ben : It's still fugly.

Jess :
Shut up and talk when you can draw something other than monsters from Dota.

Paps : Actually I saw Ben's drawing, it's very nice.

Jess : What monster did he draw this time?

Paps : It was a picture of a buffalo.

Ben : I was trying to draw Jessica.


Anonymous said...

haha ...... ur papa plays dota too ?

still laughing ... said...

no lah... but my dad enjoys annoying ben and jo while they play dota in hope that they'll eventually get too irritated and stop playing.
it nearly worked. seriously.