Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jess Being Nostalgic

This shall be the last time I'm blogging from the office...
I shall forever document this memorable moment and many others when I successfully evaded Prada's
supervision and blogged while she goes to the toilet...

Prada gave me a piece of pear she cut herself.
I feel guilty after eating it because I forgot to test got poison or not.


In those older days movies/shows, the Hong Kong Canto drama those also lar, those kung fu people always test their food for poison by stabbing a needle in the food right? And if the needle turns black, it means the food is poisonous! How canggih is that?!

So when I was young I decided to try it myself with my mummy's sewing kit, what happened was, the WHOLE FOOD TURNED BLACK instead!

Because my mummy's sewing kit was never utilized by her in her entire life, it was the dust from the kit all over my hand which turned my food black.

This is my office building and that car belongs to Prada and Mr. Prada. Mr. Prada is the director of the company while Prada is the great Finance Manager, together they embark on this quest to conquer Gucci, Esprit and J Co Donuts.

We usually parked our cars beside the building which stretched til' quite a distance behind.

And the punch card system is ironically located at the guard house. Thus, I gotta diet so that I can run quicker to the guard house after parking my car.

I'm always late by 1/2 minutes and my colleagues who are later than me are not! And when I'm late the punch card machine will play this annoying song like the one you hear when people put you on hold. So I investigated the reason why my colleagues' punch card indicate they are earlier.

It turned out that they punch their card upon reaching before parking their cars!

Why didn't I thought of this before?!??!?

Hahahahah I know you guys are yawning listening to this story but I don't care because it's a great discovery for Jess the Great.

So I started to punch my card before parking my car. MIRACLE! I start getting perfect punch card attendance! Fuiyoh!

Nowadays I even more canggih already! I just stop my car beside the guard house and wave to the guard and smile looking sweet, lovely and awesome (as always) say 'thank you' more seductively, then he will punch for me! I don't even have to get down from my car! FUIYOH!

Tomorrow shall be the last day I'm working! Hallelujah!!!!!
My pregnant colleague is back already and her baby is SO SO SO cute!

Makes me feel like having one..
CHOI CHOI what is this girl talking about.

Mummy :

Your father is asking why are you stopping work so early, there's still a few more months to go before you enter university.

Me :
The pregnant lady come back already what.

Mummy :
People come back already where got still pregnant!??!

Me :
Okaylor. So fierce for what. Not I pregnant also.

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