Friday, April 25, 2008

Jess Blogging From Home

This is the first time in many, many, many posts that I'm ACTUALLY blogging from home!
The last 15 posts or so was done in the office.


So what is the GIGANTIC mystery that cause Jess to blog from home?

Kita akan tau jawapannya,

...............*smirk smirk*
...............*wink wink*
...............*smirk somemore*


And the way he says "selepas ini" will sound like SEH-LEH-PUS E-NAY


TODAY! is the BIG DAY!

I OFFICIALLY announce my resignation as an

admin clerk/finance clerk/receptionist/Prada's assistant

But no lah my post(S) are just temporary so all I had to do is just tell Prada.

All I had to do right.
Only right.
So easy right?

Me :
Erm. Erm. Pra- I mean Mrs. X, I want to stop work on the 30th.

Prada :
Okay I will let you know.

Me :

Seriously lor.
I really tak faham with my Prada.
Somebody please interpret for me.

I won't pay you but I promise to be normal around you :)

Within the blink of an eye, I've worked for 3 months plus as a admin/finance/receptionist/assistant.

I'm so used to answering phone calls with "Good Morning Red Energy" that I'm answering some of my calls like that and instead of Red Energy my friend misheard and thought I was working at MNG and asked me to buy clothes with staff price for her.

Yes Amelia Chan Jiat Hee I'm talking about you.

There were lots of ups and downs those 3 months.
Like I used to sit at my workplace downstairs then had to shift upstairs outside Prada's office.

the ground floor office

1st floor, right outside Prada's den

my sad place right outside her Den

my basic needs when I'm with Prada

When you have ups and downs you have inside out also.

Couple of weeks later I was shifted outside to the receptionist area so the newly employed receptionist can stay inside and acquire essential training of survival for the wrath that is none other than Prada.

my lonely throne


the lonely walkway

This post is seriously boring so I'm gonna add more boringness to it by telling you guys ALL ABOUT MY WORK.

There were funny moments of my job of course like while doing room reservations I noticed how PLEASANT the Sunway Hotel staff was -

Me : *dial dial dial hard worker dial dial dial*

Worker turned Robot :
*robotic voice because she actually forgot she's human*
*the same way Michael Jackson forgot he's human too*

Good Morning Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa Miss Mona speaking here how may I assist you this lovely morning?

Me :
*checks whether it's morning or not. If it's not I can say "HAH! GOTCHA! IT'S! 12PM NOW NOW NOW!*
*instead it was really morning so i tried annoying her by immitating her robotic voice*

Good Morning Miss Mona this is Miss Jessica speaking you can assist me by connecting me with the Reservations Dept NOW NOW NOW

Worker Turned Robot :
MY PLEASURE to connect your call ma'am. *force force force smile*

Then I'll continue my long-winded request of Prada to any other staff, so of course, I will feel a bit bad, thus tend to apologise a bit.

Me :
Yes, yes like that. Thank you. Sorry for the trouble.

Another Worker turned Robot :
It's MY PLEASURE to serve you ma'am.

Me :
Thank you so much.

Another Worker still Robot :

I can only imagine, their face must have been LIKE THAT the whole day.


Looks like working for Prada ain't THAT bad.

PS. Please remember Jessica normally looks cute, pretty, awesome like THAT (below) usually.



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