Thursday, April 03, 2008

Jess In Black

Heh heh heh...
I know many of you guys will go "Oh no, not again?!"
But I'm gonna tell my story about Prada again because I'm blogging from the office and she is all I'm thinking about.

I decided to wear all black yesterday.
And put on an angry face.
And went to work like super serious.
Even my underwear is black in color.
But not black bra cuz' it would make my boobs look smaller.

Me : *thinking* Hey Prada! I'm not afraid of you! I got black power today!

So she intercom me after lunch as usual-

Prada : *angry voice* Jessica!

Me : Yes?

Prada : You free now?

Me : *damn serious wannna kill people voice* NO. Why?

Prada :
Err.... No lar.. I just want you to do some filing for me..
You busy then.....nevermind lah...

See! Black Power!

No wonder Obama is winning....

Obama : Hey Clinton, wanna come to my hotel room later for some sugar?
Clinton : I'll think about it. Stop looking at me you perv.

So anyways, since black has such magnificent power that could even tame Prada,

I decided to overdo it today.

And guess what?!?!


Happiest Day of My Life!

Since black is such a wonderful color, I decide to do more research on it.
I found many things has became the new black.

Wow! This is so hottt!
The shirt lar, what were you thinking.

I love this shirt too!! I bet I can find it in Petaling Street for 10bucks.

Last BUT Not Least.....


Anonymous said...

U r so dem cute, Jess! X)

jessieloi said...

What are you trying to say, huh? =) said...

sammy :
I know right! hahahahaha how's India??!

jessieloi :
eh eh. dont simply assume.