Friday, April 18, 2008

Jess is Great. Jess is Fabulous. Jess is Incredible!

Whenever you hear these words "OH MY GOD YOU'RE INCREDIBLE!"
what are the first pictures that come to your mind?
Hehehe I know what you're thinking...

Today Jess shall discuss the power of positivity.

It comes mostly in forms of positive affirmations in our daily lives.
For example

When you pass up your homework to your teacher and it's properly done, your teacher says "Well done, you are a smart boy."

That is a positive affirmation.

But when you forgot to bring your homework to school and the teacher stares you in the eye and whisper "You are stupid and forgetful."

You can sue her.

In life, positive words are very important. They help you see the positive side of things. They help you realize you have so many good things in life! (When at the same time there's a lot of negative too.) So, in a way, a positive affirmation has ability to cover whatever negativity there is in your life.

This is too complicated. Let me give you a simple example.

Jill just broke up with her boyfriend.

Supporting friends :
Don't cry, don't cry Jill. Why did he broke up with you?

Jill the cry baby :
*sniff sniff* He said... *sniff sniff sniff* He said.... My boobs are not big enough! *waaaaa waaaaa waaaa*

Supporting friends :
*takes a peek at her boobs* *secretly nod at the statement* Hey. It's not THAT small! It's still bigger than Simon Cowell's one!

Jill the cry baby :
*waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa* Simon Cowell's nipples are still bigger than mine.

Supporting friends :
Look at the bright side! 30 years later your boobs wont sag!

Jill the cry baby :
*waaaaa waaaaa waaaa* Really?

Supporting friends :
Yes! Look at Pamela Anderson! I promise you 20 years later her boobs will sag to the ground and by that time the only longkang (cleavage) she has will be the ones she's created by dragging her boobs on the ground!

Jill the cry baby :
*slowly stops crying* Are small boobies really that great?

Supporting friends :
Of course! Besides that, remember when we need to write something on a piece of paper with no table around us and we can only use other people's back to do it? For you, we can use BOTH SIDES!

Jill now the happy baby :
YEAH BABY! Small boobies rock my socks!

See how powerful positivity is?

Actually Jess was only consoling herself about her small boobies...
Jill is actually Jess..

Eh it's a joke okay.
If any guys dare dump Jess about her boobs she will sedate them and insert breast implants let them have BIG BOOBS all their lives.

So anyways, back to serious business.

Bottom line is, nice, good, and positive words cost nothing. Really.
Saying "You look beautiful today" won't make you look any uglier as well.
So say something nice everyday.

"Yeah babeh! Prada your small boobs totally rock my socks!"


EMO+NO LUCK said...

Yea! Be positive Jess! "points to some body part"...

aKidos said...

crazy girl .. hahahha said...

eh! im damn positive! my body damn hot okay what is this pointing pointing!!??!

im sane!