Monday, May 12, 2008

The Chronicles of Langkawi - Part 2

Yes I've been missing AGAIN!!!
You guys realize THIS TIME????!!

the job of a navigator

They wouldn't let me drive so I settled as a petrol pumper...

The great Jess was back in Ipoh to celebrate Grandmother's day. Jess has to be special, she can't just celebrate Mother's Day like you common beings.

On day 2 Langkawi, I woke up 6.39am because Sony Ericsson phones has this weird snooze 9 minutes rule. I mean, why not 5/6/7/8 why 9???

The first words I heard in the morning was Wood complaints that she couldn't sleep all night because I snored.

the 'aftersex' satistaction smile

But Wood still seem pretty happy.
Jess doesn't snore.

the 'lack of sex' face

On the other hand, living thing #2 - Jian doesn't seem very happy...

Actually you guys do realize when you scroll over the pictures, you can see that I left notes uploading the pictures right? Go ahead and scroll over to Benbi's picture, the one from Part 1.

It was 6.40am and nobody wanted to go down to the beach with Jess. People don't get that the break of dawn at the beach is one of the most priceless moments in life. However, there was one person to accompany Jess Loke! That is her new found friend - Carrie!

Cary the 100 dollars model

Carrie armed herself with a 3000 ringgit camera and went down to the beach to capture the wonders of Cenang. And Jess was her 800 ringgit camera side-kick!

Jess took pictures of her taking pictures!


In Subang only got pot-holes.

the girl who ran away from home wearing only short pants

Carrie in pajamas.

girl and coconut trunk

As side-kick, I kindly told Carrie the coconut tree she wanted to snap is actually behind her.


Car Car said...

ahh...u put that gosh..
i mst dig a hole and hide my face

Car Car

さやろん said...

LOL..that was funny...hahhaha said...

car car:
hahahaha its just fiction, not that bad lar.....

さやろん :
what kinda name is that. u stupid pig u will laugh at anything.