Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hillary Or Obama?

You wait seven years for an exciting Democrat - then two come along at once. Just like buses.
Darryl M, London, England

Obama " *flips hair* hmph! Although I have none. "

So if you have met Jess you know how much she adores Hillary Clinton.

Jess reads her books, watch her interviews, even pray for her in the morning before her big election and forgot about her STPM results.

Okay I will try my best to briefly explain how this whole systems goes. Since January the Americans (and perhaps the whole world) have been observing primaries and caucuses, it will go on all the way til June then the Democrats will pick their nominee which in this case is either Clinton or Obama.

Americans have 2 parties 'kinda' like us which is the Democrats and Republicans. George Bush is a Republican.

Malaysia we have Barisan Nasional and Opposition lor..

How can you not love Hillary??

She's funny.

She's serious.

And even Scary!

So somewhere in late August and September each party will have to pick their nominee already. The republicans have already selected theirs which is John McCain in March while the Democrats are still too busy watching their own Hillary and Obama killing and tearing each other bloody in the wrestling ring waiting for someone to die first.

Pictures speaks a thousand words.

After each party picks their official President Candidate then the both left will battle it out in November to be President of the United States like one of the most powerful people on in the world.

In order to earn the nomination to be the party's official Presidential Candidate, the Democrats' candidate will have to obtain 2025 delegates while the Republicans - 1191.

Each state varies in numbers of delegates. The primaries going on is for those state people to vote who they want to earn those delegates, in other words to win the nomination.

And as you know each time you see Obama or Hillary win each state they will celebrate.

So when I was younger I didn't understand at all, why the heck win already still need to compete one, stupid is it I wanna watch Hannah Montana lar my pappy want watch CNN...

For Democrats they devide the delegates proportionally in the states they compete in, so let's say Hillary won 99% Obama 1% she will take 99% of the delegates available.

Wah so obvious Jess damn pilih kasih...

So until now Obama has 1734 while Hillary - 1597.

But Jess knows Hillary will win!

They say if you vote for Hillary you're racist, and if you vote for Obama, you're sexist.
And if you vote for McCain, you're BOTH!

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