Friday, May 23, 2008

Jess is Lonely

Poor poor child...
By the way have you watched Iron Man?
I really do love Robert Downey Jr.!!!

Yes, it's confirmed.
Jess is lonely.

Jess is sad.

The SAT exam will be at the 7th of June so I can't quite bring myself anywhere outside my house. I have to stay home to study, occasionally watch a little television (advertisements) (and mop the floor). Mummy is mostly not home, Dumboy and MojoJojo are in faraway land studying, Baba is back to work.

Nobody is there to play with me. Thus, I gotta play Cluedo (a game where you find out who murder Jack with what) by myself. It never turns out fun because I always win.

*sniff sniff*
Just now I watched Gene Simmons it was so funny I laughed but I was alone....


Jess is always known for her brilliant ideas!

who kill mr barnes?
A fun game for the family!

mummy's preeeciousssssss

This is one of mummy's most precious items in the house, it was so expensive yet she bought it!!! On the other hand, I ask for a new car also cannot.

I think if the house catches on fire, mummy will suddenly become incredible hulk and carry her 3 precious out of the house all at the same time.

Seriously, they are so precious to her that she won't even let me touch it. I can't even pat its head! I patted it one time and mummy pat my head back 10 times hard hard one!

Brilliant Jess and her 3 friends have so much fun together!

curi tengok card orang lain
i think your friend with the long white beard killed Mr. Barnes!

ITS YOU!!! was i look so at awe
murderer in cantonese

Let's watch Astro! Very fun one!

We even had lunch together!


Oh ya. That's my face when I discovered my mum was already home watching me.


Anonymous said...

u r really creative ...

Weird girl

-akidos- said...

i have the loke gene.
jo has it too, but hers bit of the defective that's why turned out like that.