Friday, May 16, 2008

Jess Steals from MojoJojo

this post is dedicated to one of my avid readers: mrs loke, mother of three. do not underestimate this honorable housewife:

1. she drives better than many men
2. curry chicken, spaghetti, muffin, cake, cookies, etc *drools.
3. she does line dancing (she dances to buttons by pussycat dolls - even i cant do that!)
4. she does tai chi (dont play play, she passed the wooden stick and sword levels)
5. she does yoga.
6. she does prayers recitation with a bunch of women.
7. she plays gin rummy and mahjong!
8. etc.

this is for you mum :)

this is my ah-mi.

this is my ah-mi and my ba ba.

happy mother's day from:

me, your second child. your obedient and smart daughter.

jessica, your first child. your crazy and evil daughter.

benjamin, your third child, your sissy boy.

i dont know why your other two children look like kongsi gelap tai-ka-che and tai-kor in the picture. i know mum, if only they were normal like me. you must be wondering why my picture is so extremely vertical right!

this one lor.

because i took the picture of myself in a mirror in a fitting room. so i edit the picture in paint (see how techno-savvy i am - i use paint) to cut off the part with my handphone.

i think i cut off 70%.

that's why the picture become so like that. i'm damn lame right :( why didnt i ask jess to take the picture? good question. i tried you know mum. long, long time ago. this is how it went:

joanne: jess! jess! take my picture! take my picture!
jessica: wtf. okay. 1... 2...
joanne: (grinning constipatedly) why so long wan? faster!
jessica: wait lah! move right a bit.
joanne: (moves right) uh-huh
jessica: right some more!
joanne: (moves right) already lah!
jessica: okay, okay, 1, 2, 3! nah.


JESS YOU ARE THE WORST PHOTOGRAPHER IN ALL MANKIND OK! anyway, i tried to take more decent pictures of us but to no avail. along with that pointless picture taken by jess in her room, we snapped a few others:

jess is bald. jess is bald. jess is bald. jess is bald.

yea, i get it. we're just not very photogenic offsprings you see. but that's okay, we'll snap more pictures when ben and i get back home. i'll try to be my merciful self and not retaliate when ben provokes me. i understand that it's in his nature. i'm obedient >)

ben. hehe.

before i end this post, here are a few facts about your children. remember how all your rotans went missing within 2 weeks? yea, we hid them all. that's why when you asked jess to find it so that you can spank ben she always finds it :D

and we know all the secret places you keep the junk food ahahahahahahahahahha...

we love you mum :) thanks for everything.

happy mother's day from oscar too :D

see you soon mum! back to saving the world >)

- MoJo Loke -

Mojo you look like mummy in the last picture.

Baba is coming back this Sunday!!!!
:))))))))))) <--- my double, triple, quadtriple.....chins....

- Jess -

ps - that bald girl wasn't me


jessieloi said...

You're wearing pyjamas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

eh u got the baa baa sheep pyjamas too?????
that's like my favorite!!!
i've been having it since like 14!!