Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jess is THE Dirtiest Girl in The Whole Wide World

Literally dirty.

Jess is suppose to be preparing for tomorrow's (i mean today since it's 2am) Biology class.
Jess is suppose to be unpacking from her Langkawi trip.
Jess is suppose to be doing her college admission essays.
Jess is suppose to be bathing...

Jess is still playing sims...

Jess doesn't pick up phone calls.
Jess doesn't reply messages. (normal lah...)
Jess doesn't go out or comb her hair.

Jess is still playing sims....

Wah! See my poetry skills improved already! I think Langkawi's fresh air is very therapeutic. Anyone wanna go to Langkawi???

I don't think anyone would wanna date me or come to my room now.
Wanna see the proof?

Don't tell people I use hello kitty bedsheets okay.

Wow still got chrysanthemum tea in my cup! Yum!

It has been here since stpm...

unknown bowl. WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?!?!

To make matters worse, Jo had to cut her hair in my room. Yes! SHE CUTS HER OWN HAIR. Some more it's not just trim a bit on the side or whatever. SHE CUT FROM LONG HAIR TO SHORT HAIR!!! Whoever said I'm kedekut for going for rm2.50 haircuts can bla now.

Of course Jo's hair one side long one side short lar, what you expect, but nowadays asymetrical is in style.

Jo : *starring in the mirror*
Do you think people will believe that I had this haircut at the salon?

Me : *busy playing sims*
It's nice lah...

5 minutes later....

Me : Huh you said something ar just now?

Jo :
-_- i asked if people will believe a hairstylist cut my hair!

Me : *stares at weird hair*
Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm.
Maybe they will believe lar, and they will swear never to go to the salon you got your haircut.

So with so much hair and koko krunch on the floor, along with a stinking, rotting Jess Loke on the bed playing sims2, she bids adieu. Anyone who still wants to date her is welcome @

Eh no I not so desperate lah.
The email is for whoever who wants to buy my stpm books...

You will get this Amber Loke picture for free! (:

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