Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jess is Here!

I know you guys are missing me immensely lar...
Don't so impatient for Jess the Great is Here!

So I've been missing only because I was in the great island of Langkawi, yes again I know.

What to do AirAsia is so cheap I feel I rugi if I don't go.
One of the top signs I'm turning into an Auntie hehe.

The great island of Langkawi provides wi-fi with a cost. So I decided why would I wanna pay them to use the internet while I can steal it from some hotel lobby plus occasionally walk to the airport. Other than that purposely ate at KFC for the free wi-fi.


And I've done my SAT!!!
I'm the happiest girl alive!

The only sad thing was that Jo got a telekom scholarship camp at the very last minute and had to miss the Langkawi trip. And that was why I missed the green fest that afternoon after promising darling Ken & Sheena that I would be there.

Jess is sorry............

Anyways I really, really, really love going to Langkawi although I've been there 3 times in these 2 years. If any of you are going and need a tour guide BRING ME!!!!

For now please do not disturb Jess the Great for she is enjoying her holiday; playing sims2 day and night, eating chocolates as if she will never grow fat. (it's quite the opposite in reality)

Woohoo woohoo woohoo.
That's how sims make babies.

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