Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jess is Still A Child

Went to shopping malls lately?
School holidays are long over and everything is so expensive!
I'm so happy!
No one is at the mall!!!

But, of course they are still people, but as long as I can still buy RM6 movie tickets with my form5 student ID and roll around on pyramid's floor without tripping over someone I know then I'm happy.

University admission results are out,

All my friends are going off to university/college in various states with Wood being the furthest local one as she decided to stake herself across the sea. Benbi is going to pig his way to Serdang while Pig Cousin Carol is going to dissect corpse in India. Shiny being the weirdest because she is going to shine her light in Universiti Malaya.

But! Shiny being accepted to UM isn't the weirdest thing!
She's going to pursue computer science!

Science related to computers!

She's the person that asked me -
What is an external hard drive.
How to spell gugel.
Who is Bill Gates.
And also which year was Windows 98 released.


Future -

Me : Shiny please fix my computer.

Shiny : *Pours water on it*
Spoil already. Buy new one.

But actually lately Shiny has been very emo. She kept saying she's so sad all her friends are going far far away living new lives. She wish that she could stay in Seafield and study form 6 all over again.

Leaving is such a funny thing eh?

If it is with lovers they can say

"Don't be sad! Jika kita berjodoh, we will be together in each other's arms again!"

But friends?

"Don't be sad! I'm sure when we graduate, we will work at the same place, carpool together, stay beside each other houses and make our children each other's bestest friends too!" "And make them do the same like us! We will never be separated!"

"Yay! Grave also must be side by side!"

Little does Shiny knows I just might appear next to her in Universiti Malaya and the vision of "graduate! same job! carpool! neighbors! children best friend!" will play in her mind....

Heh heh heh...
Guaranteed she won't miss her friends anymore...

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