Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Jess Pumps Petrol

Approximately 2pm, Jo messaged -

"Jess, mummy ask you go use all the money you have to pump petrol cuz' price hike tmr.
She say come home if she finds even a single cent on you then you die."

So I fearfully went to the petrol station 1km away. With my car. And because I couldn't decide whether to pump RM35 or RM40, I told the lady RM36. And she gave me a weird stare.

I slowly balet my way back to my car and gently insert the nozzle, squeezing it ever so gently so every drop of the petrol is not wasted for my effort of leaving my house on purpose just to pump petrol.

1.21, 1.29, 1.37, 1.49....

While squeezing the nozzle, I let my mind wander and my mouth drool. I contemplated on whether to get ice cream, but it would beat the point of pumping petrol today to save money, so I decided to only get ice cream when I go to the petrol station with Jo, spilting the Cost and Calories.

The double Cs that are prominent in a woman's life.
Besides the one on her chest.

Then the owner of Dunkin Donuts must be ecstatic!

4.56, 4.61, 4.68, 4.74....


I wonder how is my unknown geek brother Keith Tay (whom I adopted without his knowledge). He just broke up with his first love. (I don't care first anot don't disrupt my storytelling!!!) And he's dispelling his sorrows by going shopping, cam-whoring and reading horoscope.

Sounds familar?
Like Break-up 101 by Marie Claire magazine right...

Being the sensitve sister I am, I told him to read Seventeen magazine instead.

Eh. Stop being lame.

6.12, 6.19,
wah so slow, impatient already, squeeze harder,
9.99, 16.89, oh no must save petrol,
17.01, 17.13, 17.23............

So I attempted to make him his cheerful geeky self again...

break up symdrome

See his sorrowful blog.
I have highlighted high alert areas with my canggih paint.

i am so lame

A limited edition GayMo doll
Why GayMo?

i am damn bored

Guys who wear earings on the left are emo.
Guys who wear earings on the right are gay.
Guys who wear both are undecided.
In other words, GAYMO!

aiyoh i so tired now.
i finish story next time la. kthxbai.

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