Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jess And Reunions

This title makes me sound 40.
If I was 40, I'd still be hot and charming don't worry. *wink wink*

"Sorry Nicole the camera loves me"

This is the 'poke-fun-at-your-hair-before-others-have-the-chance-to-so-that-it-won't-be-so-funny-anymore' technique.

Yes, the hair came out bad/weird/funny/not Jess.
And I quote "Aunty, please TRIM my hair, NOT SHAVE IT."
But what the heck.
It's so short I will do a mohawk for next week's post!

When life gives you lemon,
you make lemon cheesecake because Secret Recipe doesn't make them anymore.

Oh I actually wanted to talk about Josh's and Trace's birthday celebration.
But it's too late now I'll oversleep again and be late again.

Meanwhile, this is a message from Ken -

"I don't care u guys have to come out with me on my august break! I don't effing care! U guys have to come! All those bitches out there better agree to that or I swear to god I'll pimp them at Chow Kit!"

SJ Bidor ain't that far. And drag Maria along please.

YenNee if you're still out there in Germany reading this you better come back soon, Ken will fly there to pimp you if you don't. So sorry I lost your email and forgot to reply again!

I'm so hyper now and it's 130am I need to sleep or I'll oversleep again and be late again.

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