Friday, July 11, 2008

Jess Decides To Ponder...

If you see "Pondering Jess", please don't ask -
"Eh you sick ar?"

People want to act serious for a while also cannot is it?!?!

So if you are living in USJ2 or anywhere in Subang Jaya, I'm quite sure must have heard about Mr. Guna - our English teacher in SMK Seafield.

Mr. Guna was my English teacher in form4 also my class teacher. He was the kind of teacher that really enjoys joking around, teaching and giving a wise word once in a while. You can say he is a real joker lar... He can lighten ANY situation. If you enter the staff room you can see the teachers sitting near his desk really enjoys his company. Mr. Guna was a real jovial person!

It was a real shock when I heard that he went into a coma after falling from the roof, subsequently passed away on Tuesday 3.30pm.

I can't say I know him very well and have went through alot with him but he helped me see through a very difficult phase when I was in form4. I was having a terrible time adjusting, lost nearly 20kg and he was one of the few teachers that actually took effort to talk to me. His words weren't super wise nor super enlightening but just really simple and sincere.

I'm not trying to blog about a big sob story but I guess I'm trying to say it could have happened to anyone. And in this case it was with someone who has graced me with his presence.

Day after day we hear "live life to the fullest!" "carpe diem!" but do we really know what it means? Does it mean to perform extreme stunts? To gorge on cancerous food since we're dying anyways? Or to take the biggest risks in life?

My guess is, all of the above, but at the same time, none at all. We relate "living life to the fullest" with pushing us to the very edge, the point of exceeding an invisible limit determined by ourselves. It is as if we are chasing death, so that we can feel out of breath, simply to feel alive. But we fail to notice that, we can live our lives without feeling near death and still be ALIVE.

There is no doubt Mr. Guna will be truly missed, just like our classmate Thaya, our school clark Puspa and many others who have left sooner than we expected. Tonight when you say a little prayer for Mr. Guna's family and friends, also say a little prayer for yourself. Ask what it means to you to be alive. To feel like you are living.

I pray that we can all grab hold of its meaning without having to chase death because we just might catch up sooner than expected.

"Men talks of killing time while time quietly kills them." Dion Boucicault


lemonade said...

So true..
I'm sorry for your loss..i guess we just don't get that sometimes, life may just be pulled away from us, when we least expect it..

Simply Jess said...

i guess so. thanks for stopping by (: really enjoy reading your blog. im too sitting at home lazing around! we can write that best seller together!