Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jess Forgot She Owns A Blog

9.33pm 8th of July 2008

Jess wakes up at a unknown place. "What time is it?" "What is this place?" "Why am I still wearing yesterday's clothes?" She asked without real intention for an answer.

And then she found out she fell asleep on the floor behind the couch in the living room while searching for something. She dream that the dumb beloved dog peed all over the front porch and was ready to throw her Nokia 3315 at the dog Naomi Campbell style was gonna pat its head for such a good job. Jess is so loving towards animals.... But it was all a dream so she doesnt have to scrub the front porch Indon maid style.

Explanation for Jess MIA stunt -

Jo and Ali Baba came home for the weekend for a short holiday and also to celebrate the scholarship event because the Ali Baba and Mamee Monster are so happy that the only leech-er left at home is Jess Loke.

Leech-er is a term created by BenG and Mojo meaning parasite money sucker.
This is only because they are using scholarship money they think they are so great.
hmph hmph hmph. gah gah gah.
I shall suck ALL THE MONEY.

My Ali Baba (Mr. Loke) ideal holiday is to do house chores after coffee + newspapers in the morning, a nap in the afternoon, more chores or gym session then more newspaper and CNN + Bloomberg at night.

And because I'm his self-proclaim favorite child, I have to spend time with him washing the air-cond filters, gardening, and pretend I enjoy watching Bloomberg. The remaining time I MUST spend playing sims til 4am.

Since young, I've came to know that Ali Baba is a very homey person. He dislikes shopping centres, fast foods and Elton John. He likes naps in the afternoon, home-cooked meals and CNN plus some arabic channel on astro. I can never fathom why he watches the Arabic channel when he cant understand anything with the lack of subtitles. But he is so fascinated by it that one day -

Ali Baba : Jess! You must learn a foreign language!

Me : Of course! I've already learn teochew!

Ali Baba :
Not that lah girl! You must learn something like French or German.

Me : Yaya okay anything lah. I want money.

Ali Baba : I also want money who can I ask from?

Me :
Yeh yeh
(grandfather)? When you visit his grave during cheng beng.

Ali Baba :
This girl is always talking nonsense. What have I done wrong raising her.

Me :
Not only me. Jo and Ben also always talk nonsense. Why are we watching this Arabian drama again?

Ali Baba :
Oh ya I nearly forgot the purpose of this conversation. I want you to study Arab language so you can translate this drama for me next time.

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