Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Joshy & Tracey

Two of my favorite people.
They are not a couple though.

Because Joshy got SammieMoo whom he is not dating but considered as his 'buck' buddy.

Lynli said it I only typed it!

And Tracey...
Has been clubbing everyday but so far the results doesn't seem very optimistic.

Joshy first set his eyes on me in year 2006 and thought I was the coolest person ever.

I remember taking the same flight with him to Langkawi, we both saw each other and gave each other some weird stares, then proceed to take 2 different taxis to the same destination.

How can I forget this??!
The taxi cost me 10 bucks and the hotel was 5minutes away.
Why didn't you say something to me like "Hi you look hot wanna share a cab? If you don't we can walk there together and I can
keep you company with some knock knock jokes?"

We don't look very cool here but at least I got my hair...

But after being asigned to the same group, listening to tsunami stories and staying up til' 3am waiting for that chocolate orgy, I found Josh to be one of the most down to earth people. He's the kinda guy who calls at 12am just to talk, not afraid to cry and be emo, and also enjoys calling himself retarded.

Do you know that all emails Josh sent you guys are all typed word by word because he doesn't know how to utilize the 'forward' tool?

"Josh gives very good blowjobs"

Blowing candles lar. What were you thinking?

"But this is what he does when we say 'cross your eyes' "

-Last but not least-

"Josh loves Dance Dance Revolution"

In conclusion, you're missing out if you don't know this emo retard who shameless admits that he watches porn.

I love you Joshy!
You better write me from UPenn and buy me gifts with your JPA money besides that underwear you're buying for Ken.

And then in form6 I got to know this girl who looks very nice and quiet and you know how it's usually the opposite.

"Trace's the one terrorizing the poor girl"

What can I say?

"Trace demanded a birthday kiss"

Thanks for the sacrifice Amelia.

I've never met anyone more carefree than her. (Other than Wood of course because they are both the same kind) She's kinda like happy-go-lucky but sometimes not very lucky.

And she would laugh, laugh, laugh at anything but somehow we can never understand the jokes she tells. (Remember the one about the tuna or some fish? I still don't get it)

Nonetheless though sometimes hell hath no fury like Tracey's scorn - Remember the time she poured water on my head in front of few hundred people when I teased her during Mr. Goh's class? I had to sit through the class for another 1 hour soaking wet just because I said her hair looks frizzier than usual.

"A hurricane/thunderstorm came yet we were still ordered to celebrate her birthday and not the candle out while she make her 10minute wishes"

"The (used to be) 4 musketeers" *sniff sniff*

I had a blast in form6 and alot of it is thanks to Trace. We chased after many buses/LRTs together, if that wasn't enough we also chased after bugs and insects and some bees.
Gosh... Don't you miss those times Trace? When we always ponteng class together and be named the fantastic four by Pn Daisy together.

I'm attemping to make Trace cry.
She cries ALOT.

Happy Birthday Trace & Josh Josh!

Now that Josh is going off to UPenn, Trace is marking her territory in Metropolitan College, I need replacements for them.

Please fit into all the above criteria before contacting Jess the Great.

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