Thursday, July 17, 2008

Keeping In Touch With Jess 101


Moving on...

Just because my pig cousin suddenly have the urge to update her blog everyday with a whole bunch of 256mb ram/dial-up internet killer pictures, she decided she now has the power to boss me around.

I'm sitting at home, with all windows and doors closed, no put down the phone, dont have to call 911 I'm not killing myself by inhaling gas but no doubt that's the most painless way to die, BUT I saw this BIG GIGANTIC RAT coming out of my kitchen and went out the dining hall sliding door.

Just to not give it any ideas that it is welcome back I decided to seal every single opening in my house and also type this while standing on the chair. While standing I decided to see what's going on in friendster since I have not do so in a long time. I'm such a mature adult I decided not to friendster or facebook anyone anymore.

Secret is, Jess didn't know how to operate her facebook account thus abandon it...

And I don't understand why but people love to leave those glitter glitter messages at your comment section. If it's like on special occasions, Happy New Year! or Happy Birthday! I understand, BUT

"I love u!" *smileys smileys heart shape*
"hello!" *covered in super shiny glitter*

Okay lah. Not to offend anyone who likes it.
Maybe I'm just not feminine enough.

If that's not the worst thing people left, Emolausj left this -

Ohmygosh you guys better quickly finish reading this post so I can delete the picture. IT is staring at me very weirdly.

Just to prove that my account is still alive and any pictures like "Ugly Alan" (the name of the weird picture above) (it has a name!) is not needed to resurrect the account, I clicked on everybody's profile just to 'view' it.

And I'm typing crap now just because I want to fill up as many lines as possible to get away from that creepy picture looming over me...

Ben and Jo still have some of the most retarded pictures in their profile.

"Is this a stick?"
"Ouch. It hurts."

"I want to be just like 'Ugly Alan'!"

Even if we are at 3 different places right now, don't have to do DNA check also know that we're siblings already. I wonder what my parents feed us to make us like that.

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