Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Story Never Been Told

Which could have took only 2minutes but I stretched it 20minutes long...
He he he...

The front part is a bunch of long-winded ah-po crap,
but read it anyway!

This picture speaks for Jess the Great.

Credits - ToothpasteforDinner

An embarrassing short story -

Year 2005, I had to enroll in this boring camp for Kadet Bomba.

Yes, I was one of the 'cadets', laugh all you want now.

That boring camp lasted for 3 days, holy moly it was so painfully long and boring. Before that I debated 3 days 3 nights whether to go for the camp or lied to mummy I went and spend 3 days traveling around Malaysia on my bicycle.
At the end when I decided to go, I realize it's gonna cost me 6 days instead of 3 plus the 3 days worth of debate.

Moral of the story, don't be so indecisive.

Anyways that is not the story yet, I had to do some boring activity in the middle of some hot hot middle of nowhere.Usually I would jump for joy, but my friends were not in the camp so I decided to drop the act of pretending to be excited about sunburn and skin cancer.

How I dread, dread, dread those 3 days.

Irrelevant fact : Wood your bro was with me in that camp.

So in the middle of that hot hot hot activity I had to pee! How can that be?!? The toilet is miles away! What can I do?!?! My (temp) friends were busy activity-ing and so I had to go alone.

Why, why, why is the world so unfair?
Why did Steve Irwin died?
Why did I still get C although I went for this dumb camp?

So while taking the long hot walk, I again convinced myself to be happy. (Jess is the master of happiness wtf) So I said, "Hey Jess! Why don't you run? I'm sure if you did, serotonin and dopamine will be released and you will be very happy about the camp!"

And so Jess ran for happiness.

And then she met this -


You know how invisible they seem when no clothes are on them?

The sequence of the story can only be describe in paint like this -

I ran straight into the clothesline, it flexed, caught my whole body til' it was floating in the air, then release it's grip suddenly and allow Jess the Great to thumped back down onto the floor in the most dramatic way you could ever imagine - clawing the air, mouth open wide what not....

If you still can't picture what I'm talking about you can picture those Disney cartoons or perhaps how Jerry always tie a string to trip Tom, the string will catch Tom at the neck then flings him backwards thus crashing into a pile of dishes, THAT is what happened to me.

I didn't know cartoon were so..... REAL.

I laid on the ground for 5 seconds, was very quickly gonna burst into tears but suddenly reality hit my head I was still in this stupid camp, I quickly got up, dusted my body and pretended it was really funny and then LOL like crazy because someone might be watching.

Then I looked around, nobody was there, and realize I was really becoming crazy.
Thank God I didn't peed in my pants though.

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