Monday, August 04, 2008

Because Jess Is Funny Like That

'The accusation of someone is having an affair with someone'

Ladies and gentlemen, jantan dan prumpuan sekalian,
I have a big announcement,

Jess the Great has learn how to "face book"!

Wow quickly congratulate me!
I'm no longer the ah-po who doesn't know how to use "face book".

Yalar... I know it's not face book but FACEBOOK.
But who really cares lar whether it's mukabuku or muka buku.

Wow muka buku sounds like some exotic getaway like bora bora.
Or perhaps it simply sound like muruku.

You wanna know why I learn how to "face book"?
Even if you say no I will still tell you why.

Because mummy ask me how to facebook because she want to set up an account for herself. So I said I don't know what is this facebook thingy then she whack my head and disown me.

It was also because I saw Pn Looi, my 50 year-old chemistry teacher on facebook.
And also my Pastor.
And also the old-aunty next door with 4 grandchildren.

What happened to the good ol' days of friendster?

Yes. Yes, I know what you want. Go search for Pn. Looi - Looi Chui Yean.
Her profile picture very cute some more, she posing with soft toys.

It was enough of a shock when we browse Pn. Looi's laptop and discovered she MSN!
But after Pn Ung holds prefect meetings on msn I'm not so shock anymore.

Various thoughts pop through my mind while this "face booking" -

"What is this wall-to-wall??! To bang your head is it?!"

"What is this crush send flower thingy??! *click click click* OH NO! I SENT FLOWERS TO SO MANY PEOPLE INCLUDING SOMEONE NAMED FRANCESCA HOLDING HER BABY!! SOME MORE THE MESSAGE IS 'YOU AND I SHOULD.....'?!?!??!?!??!"

Francesca, and Francesca husband, if you ever read this, I promise I'm not pihak ketiga in your happy

"WOW! I can tag a picture of real piece of wood as LeyYeem!"

Besides that, Loi, only your (7.5cm) forehead manage to fit in the tag area!

So really, I really don't have anything to blog about.
I shall now show you some old weird pictures of my weird friends.

" My cousin (the Great Jess) is so cute lar..." By Carol
"I know right! That one I'm pointing at is so ugly." By Jess

"Woody didn't had a happy childhood you see"

"That was what happened to Woody all the time when she was a child"

"Her mummy (and neighbor friend Carol) sits on her"

"So Woody tried to make herself happy by singing 'I believe I can fly' with accompanied actions"

"Woody even did the David Blaine!"

"Everyone is amazed!"
"But PigCarol said so what, when she comes down I will just sit on here again."

"Took me close to 10shots to get this while tourists are standing beside wondering what is the jumping-pic-shot culture with Malaysians."

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