Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jess Is Fat-ing

toothpaste for dinner

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The Olympics!

Please tell me you are watching it, if you're not, lie to me and tell me you are.

Jess is like the craziest fan of the Olympics.
She even once vowed she will join the Olympics.

And obviously Jess didn't make it...

Every 4 years, she gets to sit in front of the 11 interactive channels sponsored by Maxis every waking hour she has and stuff her face with all kinda fat food while vowing to diet and join the next Olympics.

And then again, Jess obviously failed...
Now she's munching on Mars bars to comfort herself...

Now that so many of you guys are staying in hostels, I'm sure you will understand the happiness of coming home especially when your mummy welcomes you with open arms, exempt you from all house chores and make sure you feast on the best home-cooked meals.

For Jess, those moments come often, it is not because she's staying at in a hostel, it's because her siblings and Baba are.

The innocent bystander always reaps the most benefits...

So I call these big feast moments, "FAT-ing". During the FAT-ing moments, all foods are consider appropriate, even the secret stash of junk food and soft drinks Mamee hides in the store room. Last time she would've chased us around with a rotan if we secretly took junk food.

Not only that, Mamee is also especially happy during FAT-ing. If you tell her you feel like eating chocolate chip cookies, it shall be served in the next hour. Mamee will even ask if Ben's girlfriend wants to come for dinner.

And Ben's girlfriend is like.....staying in Singapore...

On another note, Jo has broke up with her boyfriend. Again. This makes it 5 exes? About 3 break ups this year. I can't help but think that Jo's new hobby is collecting boyfriends like how some of us like to collect stamps.

Mamee is furious because she didn't even know 4th boyfriend is no more boyfriend. And she really like the 4th boyfriend because apparantly his grandparents share the same kampung as Mamee. Mamee and 4th boyfriend talked til' 12am about kampung when 4th boyfriend came to stay with us last holiday.

Get it??
'LAST' holiday...

I really like 4th boyfriend too because he bought me coffee for my birthday which I didn't say thanks for.

I shall say it now.

Thank you Daniel.

I'm sorry you and Jo didn't work out and now you're throwing offensive comments at her like a 10 year old child.

So I'm sure this update has been long and boring enough.
Back to the Olympics!

Please remember to watch out for Jess the Great debut in 2012 Olympics!

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