Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jess Telling Grandmother Stories. Again.

Would you rather have hundreds and thousands of pictures/videos captured when you are kid?
Or would you rather keep your childhood no more than a vague memory, a somewhat imagination?

Jo quoted her friend lately in her blog that if something bad were to enter her friend's mind, that friend's mind will go into ninja mode and start picturing sword fights. Jo later said when we were young if something scary were to enter our minds etc ghosts, scary movie, Pork man (that's what we call our butcher) , I would ask us to think of Mickey Mouse.


But really, Mickey Mouse was my idol when I was a kid! I wanted to grow up and BECOME Mickey Mouse. Of course, this ambition is still better than Pn Ung's 5 year-old daughter's wanting to be a snow man when she grows up.

If I'm not mistaken, she said it's because snow mans always smile or something like that.

I'm sure she haven't seen this tulan snowman...

"The flowers ain't making me any prettier!!!"

And here again I shall borrow something from Jo's blog, quoting another person, with no intention of returning whatsoever,

"I quote kwanyi: a lake of floating bread.
That line's pretty inspirational. Well, at least for me. It could be a perfect ending for some great story don't you think? Anyway my tortoise Harry lives there. Well, unless he died or something.

Yes, we named him after Harry Potter.

We had it for a few years and then it got too big it couldn't move in the aquarium. So we had to release him at the lake. I swear he waved goodbye. Honestly I still dont know if Harry was a he.


Apparently there's a colony of tortoise in the lake. Harry must have been naughty *smirks*

Jess and I once found a jellyfish on the beach two years back (probably 4 years back if you're reading it 2008) at damai laut, perak, and she said
"since our tortoise was named Harry, we'll call this jellyfish Hermoine!!"
we sent Hermoine back to sea with great exertion as we didnt dare to touch it and therefore had to rely on a fragile stick. We later found out she was probably dead as she kept floating back ashore."

Yes. That was my first attempt at saving Mother Nature at the tender age of 16.

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