Monday, September 08, 2008

Hey Hey Jess Is Still Here!


By the way Happy Merdeka!
Thanks for all your Happy Merdeka messages at 2am you weirdos.

Due to the high demand of my life stories particularly from my PigCousinCarol who didn't bother to update her blog ever since chicken rice became RM 4 per plate, I'm gonna tell some old grandmother stories to give you some cheap laughs while you have nothing better to do the next 10 minutes.

Let's see, Jessica Loke was born on a dark and stormy afternoon - 3.12pm to be exact and was the only child in the family. That was until 1990 when MoJo decided that the more the merrier and pop out of my mother's womb. Jo has curly hair which no one in our family has so that is kinda weird. She claims to be 1/32 Thai because our great-grandmother is half Thai.

Our favorite food was and still is Rusk.

Malaysia's one is round.
Remember or not???

Few days ago in the supermarket Jo saw a baby holding a packet of Rusk and snatched it away.

Aiyo where is that funny/lame girl named Jess Loke why she so not funny today?!

Alright let me tell you a lame joke MoJo told me.
Don't cheat must read the whole story only you will get it.

One day, this girl got a haircut so she was really satisfied and was ready to go show off to all her friends. So she went to her close friend, unfortunately her close friend said

"Aiya! Why your hair square square like that not nice at all, look like a kite only."

Obviously the girl was like sad so she went home and wanted to find comfort in her mother.

"Mummy mummy! I got a haircut! And then my friend said not nice!"

Her mother replied "Aiya! Your friend is right la! Your hair really not nice at all, really look like a kite only!"

So the girl was really sad and depressed and emo and just turned back and ran out of her house and then she flew away.

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