Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jess Feeling Nostalgic. Again.


"Traumatize 6E"

"6E 2007 + MingYi"

Guys please stop uploading form6 pictures onto facebook lar....

What is this?! Why am I missing my days in Seafield??!
I've been there for 7 years! Enough is enough!

Every time I chat with Amelia Chan -

"AmeliaChan is the one with the lips"

Week 1 July

"Hey dummy Amy how are you?"

"I miss all my friends!!!!!!!!"

Week 2 August -

"Hey dumbo ChanJiatHee how are you?"

"I miss you guys!!!!!!!!!"

Week 3 September -

"Hey JiatHee your name sounds like a boy how are you?"

"I hate uni I miss all of you!!!!!!!!!!"

I miss PigCousinCarol laughing at my lame jokes.
I miss Shiny giving me *the* look.
I miss Trac having frizzy hair.
I miss Woody being kayu.
I miss Loi growing her forehead.
I miss Amy laughing at everything.

I miss Daisy prejudice-ing against me because I sleep in her class.
And wrote Pn Daisy Duck on my notebook which I passed-up.

"Nerds in the making"

I miss Kang complaining about his baldness in class.
But still continue to smoke a whole pack of cigarettes per day.

I miss Joyce-eeeee squelling Jess-eeeeeeee then brag about how slim and pretty she is.
And I hate it because she IS.

I miss Looi's hypnotic voice that manage to put us to sleep every time.
We did try VERY hard not to sleep but her powers were superb.

"Rachel clearly not thinking about Chemistry"

We spent so much time together! Almost every waking hour most of the days! Rapid KL and KTM became our best friends every Friday when we run for our lives to grab the frontest seat in Mr. Goh's class yet still didn't get an A for PengajianAm (I will remember this for the rest of my life)

"Ung Lee Lan"

I miss us using ONE NIGHT to finish our biology project over webcams (God bless MSN) Not only that! I really miss DaisyDuck separating the 'fantastic four + silver surfer' in the lab and didn't even allow us to smile. I miss her 3 quarters blouse and 3 quarters skirt paired with flat shoes which SCREAMS "I AM PN DAISY"


I miss our LakeView adventures 6 in the morning!
Tracey screaming while we're catching the bees
Shiny yelling at me while I'm catching the dragonfly

"Interesting Bugs"

I miss the soya bean, air mata kuching, machi and porridge stalls at Petaling Street!
The machi toothless grandmother quite old already,
we gotta go back soon before......

"Loi's perky butt in addition to big forehead"

I miss Mrs Gooi and Ms Elizabeth houses...
Funny how we fail to show up there after we got our STPM results....


I miss Old Town Kopitiam every Thursday night.
And the same Berry's American Chocolate cake we buy to celebrate everybody's birthday.

I don't know why but I just really miss everything! It is not the same now and it doesn't feel RIGHT. There is just something missing when I'm with my newfound friends. I can't feel the 'connection' like how we always know what is each other thinking and Shiny will go "You stole my brain!"


"MingSze excited about math"

It's actually "You stole my thoughts!" but forgive Shiny's engrish lar...

I don't really wanna 'make new friends' because in my mind I somewhat confirm that nothing can compare to Form6 and Shiny + Woody 14 years of retardedness. We know each other from head to toe, laugh like crazy in the KTM until some uncle also laughed along, gossipped about our 'enemies' and it didn't take any effort at all because we all share the same wavelength of thinking (with exception of Trace and Woody sometimes) It feels funny having to make an effort now, having to be nice to strangers and trying hard to find something similar.

I never thought I'd say this but -
I really really really miss you guys.

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