Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Disturbing Profile Pictures

It feels funny nobody is calling me Loke anymore...
It feels even funnier when people are calling me Jessica...
It feels funniest when people are calling me "Lick Hung girl with the 'A' face"

First impressions are so deceiving right?

Today JessLoke will provide you a short lesson on selecting your profile pictures (what not to select) for friendster, muka buku or msn or sky-pee.

There are a few kinds of profile pictures.

The most common kind are 'cam-whoring' ones.

"The story of 3 camwhores"

"Hi I'm Shiny please be my friend"

These pictures can be identified with -
1. An outstretched arm
2. An angle taken where subject is considered slim and sexy

Most of the time the camwhoring pictures don't really turn out to be what they really want instead it turns out kinda creepy/disturbing and more "whore" than "cam"

Dear Lord I pray that You please don't let the girl in the picture find this blog.

The second kind of profile pictures are webcam taken ones.

"Sorry about the bad lighting but please do divert your attention to my hair"

You know for sure they are taken using the webcam because often there are many familiar furniture in the background or a white wall paired with very unflattering lighting.

The subject will also try to give his or her best smile yet fail anyway and produce a very weird disturbing profile picture as shown above.

Some other more common ones are -
"I Am In A Dressing Room Wearing Expensive Clothes Which I'm Not Gonna Buy"

"Marc & Amanda"

Okaylah, I gotta admit some of them looks hot because or else they wont post it on the internet also right.

Jess is trying to earn some good karma points after all those meanie comments..

Besides that, many profile pictures are trying to prove a point -
"I Need To Show You ____________"

"I Need To Show You I Can Drive"

"I Need To Show You I'm Kinda Gay"

"I Need To Show You This Is How I Look Like When I'm Drunk But You Still Gotta Take A Number Before Getting To Know Me"

Okay I shall continue another edition of this post after you guys mail me more "Disturbing Profile Pictures"
Thanks guys for your contribution on facebook/friendster/myspace.

Disclaimer :
Any pictures that look like any of you guys are purely coincidental/fictional and have no means to tease/taunt/LOL to hurt your feelings.

Sebagai kesimpulan, kita mesti berganding bahu untuk mengepong (??? what's the word for curb) phenomena ini sebelum ia berleluasa dan menjangkiti generasi yang akan datang supaya masa depan kita lebih cerah dan errr..........Malaysia Boleh!

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