Friday, October 31, 2008

Hi, I'm Jessica. I'm Suppose To Be Studying but...

[insert reason here]
It's like Alcoholics Anonymous or any other self-help support group.
You can start with,
Hi, I'm [insert name] I'm suppose to be studying but I'm reading JessLoke's nonsensical-ramblings.

Ostensibly everyone is having their finals, but everyone is on facebook, msn, sky-pee, friendster, maybe still ICQ posting personal messages like -

1. Please study now... I beg myself wtf
2. Please don't procrastinate.... T.T
3. I'm studying now....seriously... T.T
4. Why am I still on facebook?! T.T
5. If you see me online now on msn please slap me.... T.T

Why are people so reluctant to study?
Why do we procrastinate so much?
Why did I use the word ostensibly?!

I don't understand why too,
And this is another thing I don't understand -
my friends say the dumberest things...

Yin :
Eh Bala, what do you all do for Deepavali?

Bala :
What do you do for Chinese New Year?

Yin :
We go prepare delicious delicious food.
Wear red red color.
And celebrate.

Bala :
We also prepare delicious DELICIOUS food.
And celebrate.

Yin :
Eh serious la. How you celebrate?

Bala :
All the Indian in Malaysia gather together and then like..go to this place together.

Yin :
*blind to sarcasism*
How do you go to Deepavali?

My friend Yin thinks that Deepavali is like......a place...

Anyways I'm suppose to be studying right, but my text is too amusing at times. You know how your teacher try to be funny but is not and then she laughs at her own joke? My text book does that, in its own silent way.

So I'm studying this part stating 3 factors involved in liking and attraction -

(i) Physical Attractiveness

Studies shown that people tend to look for partners who appear as attractive as them. And then blah blah blah blah about half a page devoted to this factor.

Just when you think things are going to make a more predictable turn, the book (just like unfunny teachers attempting to make jokes) ends the support with this -

However, physical attractiveness appears to decline in importance when a permanant partner is chosen. Fortunately, there is hope for the unbeautiful among us.

(ii) Proximity - stating that how far apart people live determines liking

Ending with yet another attempt at funniness -

Those who believe in miracles when it comes to matters of the heart may believe that there is a perfect mate chosen for each of us waiting to be discovered somewhere in the world. But, if this is true, the far greater miracle is the frequency with which fate conspires to place this person within walking distance.

(iii) Familarity - increasing exposure to the person itself will increase liking

I promise this is the last one (i didnt alter a single word, its all from the text) -

The take-home message is clear. If you are not beautiful or you find your admiration of someone unreciprocated, be persistent and hang around. Proximity and familiarity are your most powerful weapons!

Cue poms poms and 'YOU GO GIRL' signs!

Why my book trying to be funny?
Not funny lor

I feel so tulan now....

But at least what I'm studying is more intersting than all of yours.


Simply Jess said...

peiqi :
hahaha I received your comment by mail but have no idea why isn't it appearing here.
pn daisy is still okay lar. As time goes by you will meet teachers even lamer than her!

Anonymous said...

Im not sure if the familiarity part is true; dont ppl get bored of someone if they've been together too long?

Simply Jess said...

but i mean the 'familiarity' point has always been proven on tv right? The girl goes all out searching for the right guy only to end up with her best friend she grew up with.