Friday, October 17, 2008


I've been a little more hardworking than before.
I've been drinking less coffee than before.
I've been noticing small children a lot than before.

Jess sounds like a pedophile.

That day I was lining up waiting for one of those 'Weighing Counter' in a hypermarket. Those queues are ones that I hate most besides queues at the post office or queues I face every morning in front of the parking ticket machine in SS15.


It is bad enough that every parking machine is so far away in HOT HOT HOT Malaysia! Not only that! It's ALWAYS prone to break downs. Then we have to walk EVEN FURTHER! And if that's not enough, the queue can be so long that I'd even have time to walk to another machine EVEN EVEN FURTHER away and come back. And if THAT is not enough, there will ALWAYS be A PILE OF STINKIN' GARBAGE beside your friggin' machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to my original story.

As I was in the weighing queue in the hypermarket, there was this kid in front of me with his mother. This kid, about 5 years old, is super adorable and he was constantly trying to impress another 1 or 2 years younger kid girl in front of him by running back and forth. Out of a sudden he hid behind his mother from the girl. The girl couldn't find him and was calling "Shaun, shaun, shaun".

What happened?
The boy was picking his nose.

I wonder at what age do we realize it's kinda gross to pick our nose in public or scratch our ass or wear shave our head bald.

After the boy finished picking, he didn't actually roll it and flick it like other gross adults do, he left it on his finger and call his mother, "Mummy! Mummy! Look at this!". The mother who was already irritated by his running around then screamed out loud "OH MY GOD SHAUN WHAT IS THIS??!!" Then whack his ass.

There's no moral to this story so don't look for it.

Jess is so bored lar...
Shall update when she finds some inspiration....


Anonymous said...

I swear, u r the next Ellen Degeneres.

Simply Jess said...

hahahaha you sure?
i sure can do lots with that kinda money.