Friday, October 24, 2008

The New & Improved Jessica

Is currently indulging in extra cheesy fatty pizza, as
a reward for being so hardworking, kind, hot and totally amazing.

I finally had a REAL sense of feeling when there was no more deadlines, quizzes, presentation. I used to cringe when I see college kids complaining about having deadlines and being so stressed and all - SO ANNOYING LAR STUPID SPOILED COLLEGE BRATS. Thus, for the past 2 months I resisted (fervently) on complaining about deadlines or weekly (sometimes 'POP!') quizzes.

When I was in primary school, I used to go to school very early - approximately 640am, when class only starts at 730am. I had to because my best friend was Procrastination and I had to complete copy my homework or get caning implemented by Lick Hung's 'Every Teacher Shall Cane Whoever, Whenever, Wherever' policy.

Nowadays, my class starts at 800am and you can see me at McDonalds 715am burying my head in piles of paper and a laptop stealing wi-fi from Starbucks, also paranoid-ly checking the time every 5 minutes. Those McDonalds staff knows me very well - 'The Girl Who Comes Every Morning and Not Buy Anything (Takes Our Free Newspaper) And Steals Wi-fi From Starbucks Because Ours Sucks.'

For the first time yesterday I didn't have an aim for my 4 hours break.

Me 'Hot Chick' :
Eh where are we going for break today?

Farina :
We go eat lunch (at friggin' AC again) then go library lar.

Me 'Hot Chick' :
We are such nerds lar. Do you know if I can't find you around campus the only place I need to look besides the toilet is the library's toilet?

Farina : *laughs like she always does*

Me 'Hot Chick' :
I just realize we don't have anything to do today. We finished our last quiz already and last assignment handed in yesterday after I ran lintang pukang to Ms Kamala's office and made the deadline at 3.59pm.

Farina : *drunk tone of voice*
Oh ya lah.... Then where should we go today?

Me 'Hot Chick' : We go eat (at friggin' AC) then go library lar.

Farina : Oh. Okay.

And then we ended up wasting those 4 hours eating, talking, then google-imaging celebrities pictures comparing who is hotter than who. And also taking a great deal of retarded pictures.

You know you want some....

Hotter than Britney

Ms Khor thinking 'Why are they holding their phones up like that?'

Ms Khor realize she's been stalked and enter Power Rangers mode


peiqi. said...

"You know how your teacher try to be funny but is not and then she laughs at her own joke? "

this sounds so familiar..

Pn. Daisy?


Simply Jess said...

OWH! I left you a msg on the other post. hahahaha
Hope you're still doing awesome in Seafield and all. Havent heard from you in a while.