Sunday, October 05, 2008

When Jess Grow Up

She is gonna shave her legs,
slap on some baby oil,

and be a Pussycat Doll.

The Loke family has a great new addition!
Meet my niece!


Okaylah I may have googled that picture because I didn't upload any pictures of her into my computer but Annabelle is adorable like that.

It feels so amazing when you hold a baby so tiny, knowing that someday she's gonna grow up and become a real person. I was really, really, really careful holding her because once I had this nightmare of holding my toddler cousin brother and I accidentally dropped him and he fell onto the floor and literally broke in half, his head like just detached and rolled off somewhere and I couldn't find it!

That is why I would bully all my cousins except for THAT one. I was afraid if I touched him his head would just drop off like that.

It's raining a lot lately.
I like it because I get a free car-wash.

I'm sad because I didn't get to see Shiny (ya that retard one) yesterday because I forgot to turn on my phone (not a really good excuse).

Shiny this is like the longest time we are apart! I haven't seen you in.....................I don't even know how long anymore!?!?! I don't think I remember how your ugly face annoys me anymore and I can't go on life like that.


"I'm ugly and a little retarded"

I feel much better now.

And after not talking to my friends for weeks/months,
this is the first thing they say to me -


Uni people thinks college people are very different from them.

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