Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jess Can't Stop Being Happy (:

Being happy is a funny thing,
at least for me,
sometimes when I'm too happy,
I tend to worry about having to be unhappy later and that it's gonna suck.
So, I become less extremely happy and just be normal happy,
that way I wouldn't worry so much about unhappiness.

Ya, Jess is weird like that.

So anyways, I don't usually reply tags but since it's my dearest Trace the non-frizz, I gotta do it since she's the nicest girl in the whole-wide-world. Or maybe she just seems like the nicest girl in the whole-wide-world standing beside Shiny.

It's basically just answering a whole lot of personal questions so the whole internet world can scrutinize your preferences and also more information for online-stalkers. You know, the ones who has a crush on someone then google their crushes' names hoping to find any stalker-ish information possible, don't lie you know it very well...

1. 3 names you go by -
a. Loke
b. Piggy
c. HotChick

2. 3 screen names you had -
a. Jess
b. HotChick
c. Sexyboobs316?

3. 3 physical things you like about yourself -
a. HotHair
b. HotLips
c. HotLegs

I just realized the fact that I make me sound like a hotdog.

4. 3 physical things you don't like about yourself -

Because I'm so kind and possess a great deal of positive thinking I decide to change the question.

4. 3 non-physical things you like about yourself -
a. my snow-white-like compassion
b. my snow-white's-stepmother-like evil genius-ness
c. my snow-white's-prince-like charming-ness

5. 3 parts of your heritage -
a. Cina-ness from China
b. Korean-like eyes
c. Mojo always say that our great grandmother is half Thai so that makes us 1/32 Thai

6. 3 things that scares you -

*scoff* Like I'm gonna announce it to the world...

7. 3 of your daily essentials -
a. my GOD
b. my blue-square-checked pillow
c. my ability to self-create happiness

8. 3 things you are wearing now -
a. glasses
b. fake hair
c. a smile!

*sings* You're never fully-dressed without a smile!
Crap this tag is making me crazy and you bored til' wannabe crazy.

9. 3 of your favorite bands or musical art -
a. One Tree Hill music and art
b. Jesus please send me Diana Krall
c. Jesus of course I love your songs too - Hillsong, C3, True Worshippers
d. Weirdly-haunting music like The Bird & The Bee, The Postal Service
e. Britney Spears' comeback
f. Acoustic elevator-like sassy music - Rita Lee, Bossa n' Marley
g. Broadway of any kind - Jesus please send me tickets for Mamma Mia as well

10. 3 of your favorite songs right now -
a. But God - C3
b. Womanizer, womanizer, womanizer
c. FUN - Spongebob

F is for friends who do stuff together
U in for you and me!
N is anyone and anywhere at all!

But I like SquidWood's version better!

F is for fire that burns down the whole town
U is for Uranium....BOMB
N is for no survivor!

11. 3 things you want in a relationship -
a. FUN
b. Love for Jesus!
c. Independence!

12. 3 physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you

Why is this tag so superficial...

12. 3 qualities that appeals to JesstheGreat
a. Passionate about something
b. Natural honesty inside out (wtf what does this means)
c. Love for Britney Spears Jesus Christ

13. 3 of your [inserts 'unique' this tag is just too boring] hobbies -
a. Dancing like Britney Spears....womanizer oh womanizer oh oh
b. Driving my Wira with the windows down pretending it's a Maserati convertible
c. Watching the Arabian channel on Astro and making up conversations for them

14. 3 things you really wanna do right now -
a. Stop doing this tag
b. Stop doing this tag
c. Stop doing this tag

15. 3 career you're considering/considered before -
a. Policewoman (5 years old)
b. Farmer (7 years old)
c. Scientist (12 years old)

20 years old - No idea.

16. 3 places you want to go on vacation -
a. All over Italy
b. Budapest
c. Bali - to see this old man who predicted Elizabeth Gilbert's future

17. 3 things you want to do before you die -
a. what do mean by THREE?!
b. i've got like a million things to do!!!
c. in the end, spent my life talking about all of that and done none.

So the ONE thing I wanna do is to not do that!

I would like to tag -
a. Britney Spears
b. Oprah Winfrey
c. The Adam's family

Time to go be happy again!
Have a great post-exam celebration, enjoy the first few days of your holiday and whine about the boring-ness of the rest guys!!!


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