Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jess Reunited with Shiny!

Shiny has gotten (even) more scandalous.
Sorry lar, lately I don't have much to blog about;
Prada didn't wanna rehire me to work this holiday.

Can you spot Shiny?
Yup, the ugliest one besides that 'thing' whose head is bleeding.

kiiiiiiiiiiiiiip bleeding, kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip bleeding...

And yesh! Bleeding boy is indeed Philip - physics class living thing #1 who asked whether feeling tipsy was permanent then started singing Celine Dion during the last Langkawi trip and is also currently being rejected by Shiny. Philip kept proclaiming his affection for Shiny while Shiny kept proclaiming that Philip is gay.

Philip kept begging but Shiny remains an Ice Queen.

I don't really know what happened here but my guess is the botox in Shiny's face prevented her from frowning.

But you know, Piggo,
Philip actually looks good in that last picture, maybe you SHOULD consider him.

And Philip,
how come your hair doesn't look like that in real life? I'm starting to doubt the genuineness of this picture (except for the hearts of course), don't give up! Shiny is very cold on the outside but warm and HOT on the inside! Excuse me, now I gotta go gargle with dettol for saying that.

Shiny Beh.
That's Philip's surname right?

I wanna be your children's kai ma!

So I finally got to meet up with Shiny since August, this is the longest time we're apart yet none has changed - She still thinks I'm in love with her since we were 7.

*in the car driving*

Me : *keep sounding the honk because we're in taipan on a weekend*

Shiny : Eh! Stop honking! You think we're getting married is it?!

Me : *WTF*

Reunion with old friends is always a funny thing. People would meet back at the same nostalgic place, sit in the same old spot, and start cracking the same jokes thus releasing the same annoying laughter. Besides the fact that everybody has gotten fatter from Uni (God knows what they feed my friends), we all still seem like the same idiots who can talk endlessly.

For the finale of this boring post check out what 6 months of Uni in Penang did to Loi the forehead!




0 cm


Indeed, this is Shiny's new best friend too.
She agreed to be Shiny's best friend if she is allowed to grab her boobs from time to time.
Desperately, Shiny agreed.

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