Monday, November 10, 2008

Missing Shiny

This is the first time we've been apart for so long!
This is the first time we're taking different exams!
This is the first time she's more technology-savvy than me!

Shiny has always been a noob. A really serious one (almost needing hospital help) when it comes to computer matters. She'd call me all the time about some stupid problem on her computer.

"LingSinggg! Got an error message flashing! How?!?"

"Jesseecaa! My sims is not working! What is a crack file?"

"Piggy! Suddenly got naked ladies pop out while using the internet!"

That's how long Shiny & I have known each other, until she changes the way of calling me 3 times (definitely more than that but please spare me) already.

But now, she's having computer-programming exams, what encode matrix lar... I can't conceive the idea of her being better than me in like geeky computer stuff. I can't conceive the idea that one day she will be rich working for google while I'd be poor producing my indie music and budget films.

Or perhaps looking at the world financial crisis right now, we'd both be poor; busking at Petaling Street, fighting about what to sing - WangLeeHom or BritneySpears or somestupidtaiwandramaomgomgomg...

Last year she sent me some stupid birthday greeting -

"Hey piggy! Happy birthday o! Thanks for being my best buddy another year. I wonder 10 years later will i send this same msg to you? haha :) "

So I replied -

"Thanks piggo. We have been friends since 7 so stupid don't even know how to do simple multiplication math til' now 19 doing some stupid cos sin tan math. Of course we'll stay friends even 50 years later! I'd be greeting you happy 69th birthday don't eat so much of that birthday cake because you don't want your last tooth left to fall out as well."

Eh Shiny you still saving that message or not?
I can't remember verbatim what I sent you.
Remember to keep that message with you forever okay.

On Christmas she would wish me although I've not given her a present for 14 years -

"Piggy! Merry Christmas! muaxx. oops. dont really want to give you a kiss but accidentally typed it. haha."

And she would refrain herself from expressing hatred towards me -

"Not funny. Not funny. I don't like you. Oh no. Cant say like that. Later I'll get stuck with you. Erm. I like you. Yuck."

When I'm down she would TRY to cheer me up by stating how much she love me -

"Haha. Haha. A little only wert... Why? You feel that I treat you very TERRIBLE? Me just don't like to show out how much I care for you. In my heart, you're my best buddy! *bangs head on wall* + *choke* + *hang myself*"

Shiny is like one of the most retarded person I've ever met in my life (and she would reply by saying the same) I wonder next time if our kids will grow up and become best friends too! wtf think too much or reading too many Jodi Picoult books. Bottom line is this post is dedicated to show how much Shiny means to me although we're not seeing each other everyday now for the first time in 14 years.

I actually have no idea on what to post but I manage to fill the post with you piggo!
I love you forever!
*bangs head on wall til' bleeding violently* *choke on own vomit* *hangs self with own hair*

Oh ya this stupid purple is your favorite color. Yucks.

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