Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Weirdo Best Friend - Sook Yuin

One day I saw her online when we have our finals in a few days time,
so (being the awesome friend I am) I told her to go offline.

She said, wait til' 11pm.

So I decided to leave this weirdo alone.

About 1055pm, she nudged me,

I replied bluntly "Cinderella only goes at midnight dumbo SookYuin"

Then she screamed (on msn also can scream)

She is weird and lame like that.

That is Yuinderella on the right.
The only girl who is not smiling, looking seriously weird.

The face looks kinda dark too with fading eyebrows.

Well that was all before she met Jess the Great!

Now she looks like this!
Upon knowing JessLoke the Greatest Girl on Earth!

Now who else wanna be my friend huh?

And because Jess doesn't only emphasize on physical transformation,
she has also became a whole lot noisier (bordering on noise polution) and also laughs psychotically (and also think of the lamest things like Yuinderella) .

I assure you it IS a good thing.

Poor kid...

Well, besides laughing and being crazy she also teaches ballet a.k.a. 'torturing kiddies by prying their legs open to do splits in a very cruel way'. She is passionately in love with ballet and I really don't know why because she always complain about muscle aches the following day.

That black 'thing' is suppose to be her I guess...

So this is her 18th birthday - November 18th - if you're interested, yes she is still single and is scouting for hot and rich guys. So if you think you're indeed hot and rich, go ahead and email - sook_yuin@hotmail.com (DumbYuin I'm doing this advertisement for free, so kind of me)

Jess being DumbYuin's model

During her free time, besides ballet, she enjoys dressing people up. Usually making people look uglier than they actually are to boost her own self-esteem. So Jess the Great is definitely much hotter than as shown.

But I gotta say, though I've only known her for 2 months now, we have this chinese saying - "yi jian ru gu" meaning you feel like you've known each other forever. I'm so happy I'm able to click with someone this well because now I can replace the void that is Shiny (at least partially).

Eh Shiny what d'ya think of my awesome new best friend?

She has been nothing but this amazingly sweet friend who shamelessly thinks she is way hotter and prettier than me plus always a great company to have. If you have a chance definitely come have lunch with her (she eats all the time). She will be one of the most adorable person you'll ever meet in life, I promise.

"Wahh she's like the perfect package! She's so kind, pretty, smart and drives!" - SuTing

And even a girl -SuTing- thinks so.

She forced me to put this one up.

So I asked her,
What is your birthday wish for the year?

Lemme guess,

A hot & rich boyfriend?
Being able to dance ballet everyday?
Good health for your family?
More money to spend?

Or the typical answer - "Birthday wish where can tell one?!"

Then she answered with a snicker -

I only want 2 things,

Smaller eye bags and smaller boobs.

That part of the story we shall continue next time.

Happy Birthday Yuinderella!

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