Monday, November 24, 2008

This Is Fiction


Once upon a time there was a girl name PigCousinCarol, she enrolled into Seafield in year 2006 hoping to realized her dreams of becoming a doctor. Fast forward time to 2008, she DID get to realized her dreams of becoming a doctor, in Bangalore, India, plus she got a bonus!

The bonus is a boyfriend/girlfriend who takes shape in this 'thing'!

"I love coconuts"

They have this very complicated relationship where they have broken up and got back together so many times we stopped caring. But anyhow, before Carol left for India, she told Benbi,

"I like your hair like that."

I really how to describe this 'THING' he called a hairstyle.
Hence, I shall attempt to show it in a picture.

I would definitely say his hair was inspired from Ho-ma's hairstyle. Although Sa-yee is annoying, her hair is still more man-ly and stylish compared to Benbi's.

Anyways, ignoring our advice, Benbi has been keeping that fugly hairstyle ever since. Any blind man can tell that the hair is disasterous and makes him (oh, sorry it's her) looks like a transvestite.

Benbi tries hard to be a girl in order to match the manliness of Carol, but the truth is he succeeded with little effort.

We think that Carol is so sneaky because she doesn't want Benbi to be able to score another girlfriend here with that auntie hairstyle. Even though her hidden motives are very obvious, Benbi continue to think his hair is HOT.

Fortunately, the BenRols have such great friends like us. Carol, we have officially accepted Ben into our OTK gang because we, too, realize deep down he IS a girl. Last weekend, we tricked Benbi into entering a salon by telling him there are alot of hot guys inside.

Sorry Carol we broke your girlfriend...

In the end, we quietly regret our decision because now his fugly face is even more apparant. If we got a chance to choose between fugly hair and fugly face, of course it would be fugly hair, sadly, we made the wrong choice.

Carol, now we agree with you.

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